Melissa Tan


Executive Brand Director

“Everyone has limitless potential and it takes dreaming
big to unleash the possibilities within us.”

As a former headhunter for middle to senior management finance professionals, Melissa comes with invaluable insider observation and analysis on the reality of traditional employment. That reality is that no one is safe and everyone has a shelf-life. Including herself. “I saw many of my candidates, who are of very high caliber in terms of academics as well as professional experience, constantly searching for jobs opportunities and had no means of an early retirement. They were regularly affected by recessions and corporate restructuring which made them redundant,” Melissa shared as she reflected what uncertainties in the job market as well as what evolutions in technology bore for her future as an employee. “Where will I be in the next five to 10 years?”


It isn’t an easy question to answer but Melissa is confident she has found her solution through the Nu Skin business opportunity. “My mentors are all banking professionals with comfortable incomes so I was curious why they gave up their lucrative careers to pursue Nu Skin. After careful evaluation, I realized that Nu Skin provides a business platform that leads to true financial-freedom, psychological and chronological!” claimed Melissa, who recognizes that a substantial leveraged income is the key to expand one’s life potential and there are few low-risk business or investment platforms to achieve that except Nu Skin. “I can continue to work very hard in a career or in Nu Skin for the next few years. The difference is that Nu Skin allows me to accumulate what I’ve built as my own and continue to receive commissions from product sales in my network.”


However, financial liberation is only one portion of the Nu Skin basket of rewards. Melissa deems the business as a life transforming experience, “Previously in headhunting, every candidate I assess and match successfully is just a transaction to generate a fee. In Nu Skin, I’ve learnt to appreciate and love people for who they are and feel empowered to help them transform their lives.” Her new induction to the human experience has led to profound changes in her personality where value is now placed in the strength of a character, the endurance to persevere through adversity, and the propensity to be grateful as a result of having a positive mindset in every circumstance.


Achieving the Blue Diamond milestone wasn’t an easy feat for Melissa as she just had her fourth child but despite the demands of her young and growing family, the leader was able to stay focused on her goal. She is very grateful for all the support she has received especially her mother’s patience and help with caring for her children. Melissa is also very thankful for the friendship and mentorship from 10 Million Dollar Circle , Lilian Ong; Million Dollar Circle, Chan Bao Yan and Alan Tan; and Blue Diamond Executive, Phyllis Luo, as well as all her downlines for their trust and Nu Skin account managers who have assisted her. Blue Diamond is just the beginning and Melissa is poised to help her business partners achieve true freedom in life!