Sam Wang & Chua Kai Xin

Sam Wang & Chua Kai Xin

3 Year Team Elite

"A leader is a dealer in hope; Put others' needs in front
of your own and you will see yours fulfilled. "

Sam Wang & Chua Kai Xin

Action first, questions later. Preferring to let their deeds speak for themselves, Sam and Kai Xin have blazed the success trail in Nu Skin as one of the youngest leaders to qualify as Team Elite members for three years under the age of 30. But instead of basking in the glory of their phenomenal achievement, the husband-and-wife team hears their call for duty getting even louder than before. “Qualifying as Team Elite members for the third year is only a part of the process in transforming lives. It is an encouragement for us to work even harder and strive harder in order to improve more lives!” Kai Xin disclosed.


The couple’s Nu Skin journey began when Kai Xin was invited to a Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM) in 2009. Although she was resistant to the idea of multi-level marketing, the former Business Consultant went with an open mind and after spending time to truly understand the ethical and professional standards that Nu Skin upholds, she had a change of heart. Together with Sam who was fresh out of National Service, they decided to explore the Nu Skin business opportunity. Despite not having much of a network or warm market of leads to tap into, the young entrepreneurs built an impressive downline base purely from approaching strangers. They effectively dispelled the myth that successful direct sellers must possess a big pool of supportive friends and relative to begin the business with.


So what’s their secret? “We just follow the guidance of our mentors and before we know it, we are here!” Sam shared enthusiastically. “Many leaders have talked about the formula to success before and we concur. It is all about discovering your core desire. Once you know what your core desire is, make that dream relevant to the person or people most important to you. In times of hardship, remind yourself for whom and what you are fighting for and draw energy from it. For us, our desire is to provide our families with whatever they want, whenever they want it. When you have a cause to strive for, stay focus and never give up,” added the 28-year-old.


Prior to joining Nu Skin, the couple hardly takes any vacation as finances are tight. Now, Sam and Kai Xin travels non-stop to different countries around the world and enjoying the finer things in life. Now they are all set to help all their business partners achieve a higher quality of life. The leaders feel a strong sense of comradeship with their downlines who have gone through thick and thin with them and emerging as a stronger team.


For their achievements in this business, Sam and Kai Xin are very grateful to Million Dollar Circle members, Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; Million Dollar Circle Members, Dr Tan Kia King and Carine Ong; and Team Elite members, Jordan Wang and Chloe Soo. Moving on, the couple will continue to be a Force For Good to transform more lives!