Ron Ng & Eve Quek

Ron Ng & Eve Quek

1 Year Team Elite

“Always go out of your comfort zone.”

Alluding the Nu Skin success journey to a marathon, Ron and Eve stoked their stamina by focusing at their end goal of achieving time and financial flexibility to keep them going. Along the running course, there are various checkpoints, which are the different pin levels in the company, to let them know if they are on the right track and how much closer they are to their goal. It is a test of determination and endurance but the couple has a strategy to keep their enthusiasm up. And that is to simplify.


“We avoid over-thinking so that we don’t let our minds trip our legs. We identify what we want to do, lock in to the goal and just go. We’d rather take action than thinking about what action to take,” Eve explained. The couple’s achievement of Presidential Director qualification was based on a very simple goal – to achieve the title so that they can take Ron’s father on the Team Elite trip to Monaco. This success story celebrates them fulfilling this promise. Their families are their driving force and motivation to pass every checkpoint in the Nu Skin marathon.


Beyond having an archer’s focus and acting on outcomes, the husband-and-wife team also cites keeping an open mind and embracing differences positively as vital to shaping their leadership style. “This business is very good for meeting people with different capabilities and talents. Unlike the corporate world where people looked after their own interest, in the Nu Skin business, we succeed together and not afraid of competition,” Ron said. There were times when the two of them had to activate a large group of their downlines with diverse personalities towards an aligned goal and the ability to appreciate and harness unique strengths definitely helps.


The leaders recalled several cases where they managed to inspire downlines to achieve the unthinkable. “For an instance, we worked with a downline who aspired to be an Executive Brand Director but lacked motivation. We encouraged her and triggered her confidence, working with her till past midnight without any compromise,” Eve enthused. “As leaders, sometimes we need to believe in our downlines more than they believe in themselves. This vote of confidence can unlock immense power so that we can work together to achieve both personal goals and the team’s goals.” The couple derives great satisfaction in seeing both their downlines as well as uplines achieving what they set out to do.


Having passed their Presidential Director checkpoint, Ron and Eve are very thankful they have wonderful uplines as mentors and cheerleaders. As they aim their sights towards the next target of becoming Million Dollar Circle members, the determined duo hope to bring in more good people into the run and providing that little extra to encourage them to never give up, take one more step and go further than they think they can!further than they think they can!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.