Lim Wee Lee & Wei Xiu Yan

Lim Wee Lee & Wei Xiu Yan

Circle Of Excellence I & 1 Year Team Elite

"Core desire with massive action results in great success."

Through the Nu Skin business, the couple has come to appreciate the true meaning of success. “The word ‘wealth’ originated from an old English word ‘wela’, referring to a state of well-being”, Willy shared. This realisation has unlocked a purpose-filled life for the husband-and-wife team. “To us, being ‘wealthy’ means being healthy, being happy, being free, being loved and having the ability to impact others positively.”


Every journey worth taking is filled with challenges. Willy broke his bond as a scholar in the public service sector to go into Nu Skin full-time while Xiu Yan, who used to be a tourist buggy driver and a shy person by nature, found it challenging to share Nu Skin products confidently. “We gave up so much and we had no prior experience in direct selling. My parents thought I’ve lost my mind,” Willy recounted. However, it wasn’t a rash decision. Being entrepreneurial and forward-thinking, they believed that Nu Skin’s corporate philosophy, products, and business model, can transform the lives of others for good, and achieve a ‘wela’ lifestyle.


“Everyday Nu Skin, Nu Skin every day,” Xiu Yan quipped. “We treat the business as a way of life. Nu Skin isn't just a business. Through Nu Skin, we developed a profoundly positive attitude towards life.” Leveraging on their complementary strengths, Willy focuses on dveloping growth strategies for their network while Xiu Yan devotes her talent in building relationships, sharing product knowledge and creating great customer experiences. The couple achieved many personal breakthroughs, blossoming into confident speakers and inspiring leaders. Through the trials and tribulations of Nu Skin business, they became better versions of themselves: better persons, better son & daughter, and better parents.


When their daughter was born in 2012, the couple had the freedom to spend lots of time with their baby girl. “We were there when our daughter uttered her first words, took her first steps, read her first word, drew her first picture, sang her first song, made her first friend, performed her first dance, played her first tune. We participated and celebrated every significant milestone in her growing up journey.” the couple fondly recalled.


The couple feels that achieving Circle of Excellence I milestone is a validation of the strength of Nu Skin’s products and generous compensation plan. “We think that we’ve just begun our Nu Skin journey. It can only get better, the best is yet to come.” Willy enthused.


It takes a lot of teamwork and unwavering support to help them get where they are personally and professionally. For that, Willy and Xiu Yan are very grateful to the staff and management of Nu Skin as well as all their mentors and business partners for their trust and for being there for them. As they progress to the next phase, the hands-on leaders want to inspire and help more business partners to achieve “wela” and become Circle of Excellence too!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.