Kelly Ong

Kelly Ong

Circle Of Excellence I & 1 Year Team Elite

“True victory belongs to the one who persists despite
the trials and challenges.”

Make Life Meaningful. That is the motto that propels Kelly’s aspirations in her Nu Skin pursuits. Being in the business helped her find her purpose in life, and that is to have the ability to assist others in achieving the kind of lifestyles they want. Passionate and self-directed, the dynamic lady enjoys her Nu Skin journey for the empowerment she feels in making meaningful differences through the company’s excellent products and rewarding business opportunity.

An assistant vice-president with the largest German bank prior to going into Nu Skin full-time, the straight-talking leader admitted that she had no intention to make it big in this business in the beginning. “At first, I felt that the business is to ‘Make Life Miserable’ rather than ‘Meaningful’ because people generally have a negative impression of network marketers. But when my health improved dramatically after using the Pharmanex range of nutritional supplements, I started to share about Nu Skin products in the hope that someone could benefit too,” Kelly disclosed. Her turning point to take the business more seriously came when she understood the heart of the Nu Skin Force For Good mission. For her, the business isn’t about selling a lot of products or getting a very big network but to bring sustainable, positive changes and help people transform for the better.


Her focus on quality over quantity explains where she is very careful about the people she works with. “Nu Skin gives me the freedom to select the people I want to partner so I choose to only sponsor good people into the business. I am very particular because I give my all when working with someone so if that person’s heart is not in the right place, progress will be draining,” said Kelly whose sincere, pragmatic and matter-of-fact approach to issues have won her many supporters across different ages. This is one leader who is not afraid to call out things as they are as she believes in the liberation of truth.


Constantly placing the interest of her team above her own, Kelly’s Team Elite achievement was done more to motivate her team members than for personal glory. “As I get deeper into the business, I realise that in order to inspire more people, I need to step up my leadership. I want to fight for the success of my downlines. I stayed in this business and do well because of them, so that they can count on me to realise their dreams.”


Transitioning from someone who rides the Nu Skin vehicle of change to someone who drives it, Kelly is very grateful to 10 Million Dollar Circle member, Lilian Ong, for her persistence in recruiting her; 10 Million Dollar Circle members, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding, for their guidance; and 20 Million Dollar Circle members, Rayne Ho & Angela Liew, for their support. Kelly takes satisfaction in being the reason that someone had positive changes, grew and learnt to take charge of his or her destiny. With renewed leadership ambitions, Kelly looks forward to helping more of her downlines achieve the impossible!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.