Jordan Wang & Chloe Soo

Jordan Wang & Chloe Soo

Circle Of Excellence I & 4 Year Team Elite

“Success is not determined by the number of people you’ve won, but the number of people you’ve won over.”
-Chloe Soo

“The best gift for a friend, is opportunity
The best gift for your parents, is honour
The best gift for your children, is to be a role model.”
- Jordan Wang

Starting with just a desire to earn a part-time income to becoming millionaires by thirty, the financial achievement of Jordan and Chloe are the envy of many. However, the young couple cites personal growth, leadership development, friendship and not wealth as their greatest reward since they took on the Nu Skin business opportunity. Success to them is about becoming the person you want to be and money is merely an enabler of that endeavour.


“Don’t focus on moving towards and achieving your materialistic goals but concentrate on developing yourself as a person, helping your teammates to grow and the goals you want to attain will come to fruition. I close my eyes and visualise the kind of person what I want to become and work every day towards that. Life is too short not to realise our full potential and do things we can be proud of,” Jordan disclosed. Trusting their instincts, Jordan forfeited a lucrative scholarship in Mechanical Engineering while Chloe gave up her promising career in physiotherapy when the couple was introduced to Nu Skin and saw the potential of the business. Despite being fresh out of school with no working experience and network, the leaders achieved Executive Brand Director title and regularly meet the qualifications for Team Elite recognition. Having great mentors buffered the bumps of early entrepreneurship, following the guidance of Jonathan, Evelyn, Joe and Carine were the keys for their success.


Arriving at the Circle of Excellence I milestone has been the couple’s dream and although they remain incredulous at achieving this honour, they attributed this to helping enough people achieve their goals. “Our achievement is evidence that people like us, regardless of background and experience, can get closer to reaching their personal goals with considerable time, effort and commitment. We look and feel great and we can help others lead a fulfilling life like how our mentors have helped us,” Chloe shared. “We are fighting for a cause, and that is to be examples, role models, for young people and anyone out there to break the paradigm of the tried and tested route to achiever greater heights. We started from zero but through Nu Skin, we can be heroes too!”


They were graduates who were supposed to follow the conventional way to secure a financial future in traditional employment and their ‘deviation’ from the norm was met with a lot of objections and discouragements. For these reasons, the couple is thankful to their parents for their unwavering support and putting up with privy questions from relatives. Jordan and Chloe are also immensely grateful to their Mentors and angels 4 Stars Team Elite Platinum and Circle of Excellence I, Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; Team Elite 3 Years and Circle of Excellence I, Carine Ong; and their downlines for their love and trust. Achieving Circle of Excellence I is a new beginning and the couple looks forward to helping more people achieve the success they have experienced!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.