Ho Mun Hoe & Jean See

Ho Mun Hoe & Jean See

Circle Of Excellence I & 3 Year Team Elite

“Everything happens for a reason, and for a Good Reason
that will benefit you.”

Attaining their Team Elite qualification in June 2014, Mun Hoe and Jean went on to clinch the prestigious title of being Circle of Excellence I. Their meteoric rise to the pinnacle in the Nu Skin business with such astonishing speed is an incredible feat few have achieved. But to the husband-and-wife team, every level they reached in the business is a new beginning and a spark that fires their mission to help more people.


“To me, qualifying as Circle of Excellence I is not a personal award or pin title but holds special significance for us. It means that we are doing certain things right to help enough people to come this far. We are heartened by the transformation and impact we have on the privilege of making in people’s lives and will continue to help even more find and realise their dreams,” Mun Hoe shared. Armed with a First Class Honours degree, Mun Hoe was on the path of an excellent engineering career in the port industry while Jean was a human resource manager with a renowned property developer in Singapore before joining Nu Skin in 2001.


Like many in the working class, the couple desired to double their income and sought opportunities to make life better. Their search ended with the Nu Skin business opportunity when they saw its potential for growth due to the power of leveraging. As one of the top leaders in business today, Mun Hoe and Jean have watched their finances burgeon and their lifestyles changed dramatically for the better. It is a transformation that may not have been possible if they stayed on their previous jobs. However, beyond financial gains, the couple achieved a deeper, more meaningful reward in the form of personal growth through leadership opportunities and time flexibility. They are the masters of their own time with the capacity to choose what they want to do and who to do it with.


When it comes to the business, the leaders believe it all boils down to Persistence. “It’s that never say die attitude. Always treat every problem as an ‘opportunity’ to upgrade, as a chance to review and improve. Staying focused and being constantly aligned with your working uplines are also vital to grow and develop your skills in the business,” the couple disclosed about their formula to reach this milestone.


For helping them through their Nu Skin journey, Mun Hoe and Jean would like to thank “14 Year Team Elite & Circle of Excellence IV, Angela Liew [for her constant reminder that we are angels of others and ourselves] and Rayne Ho [for his strategic positioning]; 5 Year Team Elite & Circle of Excellence II, Ong Gee and Jenny Ding for their crystal clear direction; and our families for their unwavering and unconditional support.” The couple now feels a greater charge to lead the way for their business partners to attain success, do more with their lives and achieve their dreams through Nu Skin!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.