Fan Yoke Hui & Yap Poh Suan

Fan Yoke Hui & Yap Poh Suan

1 Year Team Elite

“Be an angel in your life, and be an angel in other people’s life.”

Joining Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore as part-time distributors in November 2011, Poh Suan turned full-time slightly over a year later in January 2013 while her husband Yoke Hui went into the business whole-heartedly in July 2013. While it is not unusual for distributors to give up their careers and go full-time into Nu Skin, what’s remarkable about the couple’s transition was that the stakes were extremely high.


Holding a Diploma in Building, Yoke Hui worked for 35 years in a multi-national corporation before making the switch to Nu Skin at age 61. Equally established in her profession, 56-year-old Poh Suan utilised her Diploma in Nursing by working as a State Registered Nurse for 23 years before blazing a stellar track record in insurance for the next 18 years. Having established themselves in their respective careers for so long, it was a lot to give up for Nu Skin. Furthermore, the couple is more senior in years, making it seemingly late to start all over again.


But Yoke Hui and Poh Suan knew exactly why they needed to change. “We have been trading time for money all these years. Our previous careers are not financially cumulative, once we stop working, the income stops coming in. When we heard about Nu Skin’s generous compensation plan and the possibility of accumulative, passive income, we realised we must take on the incredible business opportunity and do well.” Attaining the status of Blue Diamond Executives in less than two years, the couple’s will and drive to succeed are apparent.


“We believe that being Blue Diamond Executives is only the beginning. We have to be responsible for our team members and ensure that they achieve success as well,” Yoke Hui shared.  Defining success as possessing time and financial freedom, the couple believes they are on their way. “Recently, we’ve paid a down payment for a condominium near Orchard. It is something that we will not dare to commit if we are still holding on to our previous jobs,” disclosed Poh Suan. The leaders are also thrilled that they can help children with congenital heart diseases as they earn by contributing to Nu Skin’s Force For Good Foundation. 


For their success, the couple would like to thank their family for being understanding; 20 Million Dollar Circle Members, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew; Million Dollar Circle Members, Go Chooon Seong and Kwan Lee Teng; Blue Diamond Executives, Chong Wah Kiat and Lynette Er; their upline distributor Mindy Yeo, and angel Stewart Che. Forging forward, Yoke Hui and Poh Suan are more committed now than ever to help their business partners be successful too!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.