Dr Djeng Shih Kien & Dr Ko Siew Lan

Dr Djeng Shih Kien &
Dr Ko Siew Lan

1 Year Team Elite

"Don't get dejected when rejected" - Dr Djeng Shih Kien

"Be positive. Be consistent." - Dr Ko Siew Lan

Dr Djeng has been a dentist by profession since 1971, specialising in orthodontics. After ten years of work, he finally married a wonderful lady, Dr Ko Siew Lan in 1981. Dr Ko is also a dentist and was Dr Djeng's classmate. Dr Ko started her own practice and not long after, Dr Djeng joined her as a partner. They not only practice dentistry; they also run their own clinics. This couple own a house in Australia, and that is where their romance with Nu Skin began.


Dr Djeng and Dr Ko were going in and out of Australia very often while building their house there. They hired a consultant engineer to help with the construction. Several years after the completion of the house, husband and wife noticed that there was a crack in a retaining wall and so they gave the consultant a call and were told that he had sold his practice and retired. Worried about the severity of the crack, they acquired the consultant's telephone number and asked him to pay them a visit.


Dr Djeng was curious as to why the consultant had retired at such a young age. Questioning revealed that he was in a business called Nu Skin. Dr Ko and Dr Djeng then had the opportunity to try the products and it is no surprise that they loved the products. Soon, they started purchasing for their own use and the use of their friends and family.


Although they have been using the products for almost six years, Dr Djeng and Dr Ko only started pursuing the business in earnest over the past six months and achieved the title of Executive Brand Director in April. They were actually signed on as distributors in Australia, but have since transferred their distributorship to Singapore, as their immediate downlines are all Singaporean with the exception of two Australians.


Most distributors encountered problems when they first began in the business, but Dr Djeng and Dr Ko were lucky. They started off with an advantage. They were already familiar with and well versed in the products and so were their friends and family. The people that they approached had already seen the doctors using the products and many of them had also tried the products themselves. So when the business opportunity arrived, unlike most distributors, they had virtually no problems whatsoever.


Of course there were the few people who said that they had no time for this business and the usual rejections, but to the Djengs, it was not personal. They did not take these as rejections as this kind of business is not everyone's cup of tea. All they want to do is to ensure that they have informed everyone they know of the business. After all, they are friends and it is their wish to see their friends be happy.


However, being an introverted person by nature, Dr Ko who usually prefers to stand behind the scenes had trouble talking in public. But now, she has learnt to be more friendly and approachable, which she feels is a personal development for her.


The rewards for Dr Djeng and Dr Ko are not of the monetary kind. They are rewarded by being able to help others achieve self-respect and some form of financial stability. Seeing others better themselves and seeing the difference that they make gives them great joy.


Dr Djeng and Dr Ko would like to take this opportunity to thank Dixie and Craig Bailey as well as Peter and Michael Anderson who have taken time and effort to help get them started and who always keep them motivated.


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.