Zan Zhou


1 Year Team Elite

"Be relentless in the pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire"

The meaning of success for many people ranges from achieving financial goals and desired lifestyle to enjoying high status, great health and a happy family. Zan Zhou values and appreciates all the life achievements she has attained but the results of her Nu Skin business holds a deeper meaning for her; she sees it as a path towards leaving her legacy.


Having recently achieved the Team Elite title, what motivated Zan to accomplish this goal was none other than her father. To Zan, this achievement reflected the values and teachings that she received from her father through the years. It was also a testament of her application on what she was taught, in which she will pass these valuable teachings on to her children and future generations. The support she received from him was a significant contributor to her story. She explains, “My dad is my role model and my source of inspiration. Similarly, I want to be a good example for my children. I want them to know what it means to have a fighting spirit and to be able to achieve your goals, just like what my dad has done for me.”.


Despite meeting goals after goals, the journey for Zan in Nu Skin hadn’t been an easy one. In her pursuit for growth, Zan got to understand her weaknesses a little better. “Being in the corporate world for so long, my focus had always been about personal triumphs – in the sense that it’s every man for himself,” Zan explains. She further adds on, “This was a huge hurdle for me. I failed to get the same title the first time because of this self-centred mentality but this time round, I finally realized that teamwork is the key to success. This win is very much my team’s as it is mine. In all, it is truly a humbling experience.”.


Discipline and focus were another two key points that Zan identified to be crucial to her growth. She explains, “While I enjoy the flexibility that the Nu Skin business brought, it could be an obstacle if I became distracted and lose focus. Discipline must be part of the journey.” She continues, “Whether you feel up or down, you win or fail, there's no excuse. Above all, I believe you stand up from where you fall, and you persevere on.”.


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