Sunny Lim & Wendy Lim


1 Year Team Elite

"Good things come to those who believe; better things come to those who are patient. The best things come to those who never give up."

Passion is powerful. When you have passion for what you do, nothing can stand in the way of your success. This is what Sunny and Wendy Lim discovered in their Nu Skin journey. Even when things were tough in the beginning, they carried on with a strong desire to succeed. As their hearts and minds were set on reaching their goals, everything somehow worked out in the end. Today, this dynamic husband and wife team has achieved the Team Elite title, which proves that their tenacious passion and hard work are all worth it in the end.


Neither Wendy nor Sunny had any experience or a strong network in the health and beauty industry when they started. Sunny was a Regional Business Development Manager for one of the world's largest chemical company while Wendy taught A-Level Chemistry at a junior college. Both of them wanted a more fulfilling life and had been exploring different business opportunities.


When they got to know about Nu Skin, it instantly resonated with them. For Sunny, he saw potential in the business model and knew it was something he wanted to delve into further. Wendy tried and had experienced great results with the ageLOC TR90 Weight Management programme. For thereon, she began to share her experience with her friends and family, which helped her to build a growing network. In 2012, they finally embarked on their Nu Skin business on a full-time basis as they wanted to grow their business.


"As we have expanded our business to Indonesia and Malaysia, we needed to travel frequently to manage the business there. Doing Nu Skin full-time allowed us to focus on the business," Sunny says. "The great thing about Nu Skin is that there are no limits to how much you can succeed in this business. It’s all up to you and what you want.”


While the business has offered them plenty of new opportunities, the road to success hasn’t been a bed of roses. The couple has had their share of obstacles and roadblocks - for example, juggling time between their work, business and raising their three kids as well as language barrier issues when it comes to the overseas market like Indonesia.


"We have gone all over Indonesia to even the smallest towns where people spoke their local dialect. Language barriers are indeed an issue. " Sunny shares. "However, whether we understand each other verbally or not, it really doesn't matter. Your passion for Nu Skin is your best communication tool. Share your enthusiasm and belief in the business with your prospects. Show them sincerity. A genuine emotional approach is more compelling than words."


Sunny and Wendy also attribute their success to a warm and caring team culture. The couple prioritises close-knit bonds amongst their team members and places importance in helping each other to reach their goals. “For us, good leadership is leading by example. It is also about embracing everyone and accepting people for who they are,” Wendy adds.


Moving forward, the couple intends to inspire more people to achieve greater levels of success at Nu Skin. Even though they have just achieved the long-awaited Team Elite title, they are already aiming at much higher goals. "We want to find out how far we can go in this business. So we will keep going further, " Sunny says. "For those who aspire for more success, our advice is to never give up. Always believe in yourself and believe you can do it!"


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.