Lanna Yeo & HC Yeo


1 Year Team Elite

"Adversity is prosperity to those who possess believe, confidence and a great attitude."

For Lanna Yeo and HC Yeo, Nu Skin has always been more than just a business venture. Right from the beginning, their business is a meaningful mission where they can achieve their goals, make a world of difference and leave behind a lasting legacy. They are grateful that Nu Skin offers them amazing products and a versatile platform to make this a reality. “Nu Skin is an unparalleled, equal-opportunity platform which allows everyone, from any background, regardless of race, religion, to improve their lives. All you need is commit to learn and change and dedicate the time." Lanna shared.  

It was this unwavering vision and confidence in Nu Skin’s product and business opportunity that became the foundation for the couple to build a thriving business at Nu Skin. It did not matter that Lanna, who was previously an accomplished Regional HR professional, had little business experience as she believes that hard work, perseverance, commitment, time and a sincere, heartfelt approach will lead her towards a purposeful life.

It was not an easy decision for both Lanna and HC to decide to fully embark on a Nu Skin business. Their priorities have started to shift, and they realized their corporate careers would not bring them closer to their personal goals. Ultimately, they wanted more time to take care of their loved ones. "We realized that time is not on our side. We needed a change and having discovered Nu Skin, we found that sharing the products and this business opportunity allowed us to spend more time with our family while giving us a solid platform to pursue our goals," Lanna says.

From thereon, the couple went all out to take the business to the next level. Being decisive people with clarity in actions, and through determination, dedication, time and hard work, they expanding the business across the Asia Pacific region – a truly unprecedented achievement. Recently, they were honoured with the Platinum Presidential Director title which further serves as a good testament to all that they have given to build  their business.

Achieving this title also reinforced the fact that their leap of faith into Nu Skin was the right decision back then. This gives them a sense of inner peace and further ignites their passion to reach for greater heights in the business. "We feel very blessed that we could achieve this milestone together as a couple. Our lives have totally changed. Today we are full-time parents to our two teenage children, and we will continue to help and transform more lives throughout the world." 

It was not an easy feat to get to where they are now. For the couple, their achievements comes from having a very clear goal, strong leadership, prioritizing teamwork and staying focused and positive. "Teamwork makes our goals work. We have an international team and our global business partners come from all walks of life. It’s all about building trust, strong friendships and respect for each other as we work towards a common goal,” the couple says, adding that they are grateful to all their mentors for their guidance over the years and business partners who believed in them.

For those who aspire to achieve their goals at Nu Skin, Lanna and Horng Chiat advises new leaders to always fight for what they believe in. “Success is within you. How far and how much you can achieve is determined by your own desire and hunger for a  life you want. Instead of letting hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you.”


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.