Dominic Tan & Yvonne Ng

Dominic Tan & Yvonne Ng

3 Year Team Elite

"Life is a journey, not a destiny. If you dare to dream, you can turn it into a reality.”

Being separated was what united them to find a solution to their family life that was split over 2,000 miles apart. That’s the distance between Singapore where Dominic worked, and Shanghai where Yvonne lived with their daughter as the working mother followed the path of her career. They wanted a solution that would erase the distance, but having worked so hard to arrive at the peak of their careers, neither was ready to sacrifice the sacrifices they have made to get where they were so that they can endure more time apart in order to enjoy “a very good future together”. It’s a short-term pain for a long-term gain, they told themselves. But deep inside, they knew they needed a way out.


In 2011, Dominic’s ex-colleague whom he hasn’t met for over 10 years got in touch to meet up. His former co-worker wanted to introduce him to Nu Skin. That set off a defensive mechanism in Dominic as he has a bad impression of direct selling after his father’s failed venture into the industry. “I hated network marketing and constantly created excuses not to meet my ex-colleague. She was very persistent and I finally relented and met her. I resisted the Nu Skin business initially but I didn’t mind trying the products. As my daughter was a little overweight, I got her the TR90 system and witnessed her amazing weight loss,” Dominic recounted his amusement at the system’s effectiveness. Encouraged by product efficacies, the former Business Manager for one of the world’s largest chemical company did detailed research into Nu Skin’s background and changed his mind about the company.


Two years after he took up the Nu Skin business opportunity and reaped financial results, Yvonne quit her job and joined her husband full-time. The family was reunited and have been living and working together in Singapore ever since. Nu Skin was a solution to their separation that they never saw coming. “To us, achieving Team Elite status and the earnings that resulted from the qualification process are affirmations that this is a legitimate business. We wanted to achieve the recognition not for glory but as a means to show people that Nu Skin is a professional and real platform where one can dream and achieve those dreams,” Yvonne shared. As a former Chief Financial Officer, she knows too well that the value of an employee starts diminishing once he or she passes the age of 40. “In Nu Skin, the longer and more experienced you are in the business, the higher your value.”


Breaking free from letting other people dictate their time and responsibilities, Dominic and Yvonne truly appreciate what it feels like to enjoy the freedom of planning their schedule and finances. They would like to thank all their uplines, sidelines and business partners for helping to bring their family together. Now, it is the couple’s dream to bring freedom and unity to the families of others all over the world.


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.