“Nu Skin is a long term endeavor with a mission to uplift another person's life.”

Taking on the Nu Skin business opportunity was a weighty issue for Ei Kheng and Ching Hwa on several levels. First of all, both of them felt it pressurising to talk to strangers, and secondly, the couple knew very little about personal care products and health supplements. However, it was the successful reduction of their son’s weight with TRA that convinced them to share about the product so that more may benefit from it. What started out as testimonial sharing soon grew into a business that became a lifestyle the newly minted Blue Diamond executives truly love.


Joining Nu Skin in 2011, the concerned parents were looking for a slimming solution for their son after exhausting all weight-loss methods from diet modifications to Western medications to Traditional Chinese Medicines and treatments. “Not only did our son slim down after using TRA, some of his chronic health issues got resolved too. Delighted, both of us started taking the product as well and introduced it to close friends and relatives. The efficacy of Nu Skin and Pharmanex products gave us the confidence to explore it as a business,” Ching Hwa shared. After examining the compensation plan and business sustainability, the former Executive Director of a medical device company he helped founded finally saw the full potential of Nu Skin to empower lives.


“When we started out, we found it challenging to approach people to talk about slimming programs as it wasn’t something we were comfortable doing,” disclosed Ei Kheng, an Assistant Manager at a local country club. “Furthermore, misconceptions about the direct selling business led to many rejections and unkind comments. But we refused to give up and with practice, we gained the self-assurance, professionalism and persistence needed to do a good job for our clients and business partners.” On top of overcoming personal limitations, the couple also gained leadership skills. They believe that good leaders should prove themselves to be trustworthy and dependable through leading by example. Success in this business is determined by the number of people a leader has helped.


For their achievements so far, Ei Kheng and Ching Hwa would like to thank their direct sponsors, Blue Diamond Executives, Serene Tan and Alan Goh for introducing the business and supporting them during the teething stages; Blue Diamond Executive, Grace Tan who patiently guided them in product usage and helped them regain their health; and Million Dollar Circle Members, Mr Go Choon Seong and Kwang Lee Teng, and Million Dollar Circle Members, Jason Gey and Ferlyn Kwang for the patience and sincerity in helping the couple expand their network. Most importantly, Ei Kheng and Ching Hwa grateful to their family’s support and blessings!