“The building blocks of success in Nu Skin - a helping heart, constant alignment with uplines,   and lock-on to your goals.”

Having served loyally as a Site Manager in the mechanical and electrical field at a Japanese construction firm for 19 years, Danny has helped realise many dream architectural projects while the hefty demands of his job emptied him of his own dreams. Over time, the 44-year-old father of two children stopped having aspirations and surrendered to the routine rigours and practicality of gainful employment in order to provide for his family. However, things changed in March 2013 when Danny joined Nu Skin and discovered that big dreams can come from small bottles.


Coming from a technical background that dealt with steel and mortar instead of creams and lotions, the drastic mid-life career switch was an undoubtedly difficult transition. “I spent most of my time at work and had very little time with my family led me to want to make a change. Joining Nu Skin was the last thing on my mind since I know nothing about skincare and wellness products and had no sales experience. I had a lot of psychological hurdles to cross and had to weigh the possible outcomes carefully,” Danny shared. However, after studying the direct selling business model and learning more about Nu Skin and what the company stands for, he decided that the returns outweigh the risks in this business.


“Nu Skin allows me to become an entrepreneur at a very low start-up cost. The company’s global presence also meant I can start doing business in different markets instantly. Seeing the full scale of this business, I dared to dream big again. I believe that the Nu Skin Force For Good culture, innovative products and borderless business opportunities can help us rekindle and realise our once forgotten dreams!” Danny enthused. He is elated to attain the Blue Diamond status and hopes his achievement will serve as an inspiration to others just as he was inspired by the successes of others before him.


Starting with nothing in the business to becoming a Blue Diamond Executive within the short span of a year, Danny points to perseverance as a great virtue for success in Nu Skin. “It is a business where everyone can be successful as long as you persist. And how much you get out of this business depends on how much you put into it.” Danny has definitely put a lot into the business and he is very grateful to his wife and children for their support as well as uplines for their unwavering belief in him and support. He looks forward to help more people uncover their big dreams again!