Vicky Toh


“The power of gratitude and sincerity bring us closer to success.”

Vicky Toh

A self-professed tough nut to crack, Vicky admitted to giving her uplines a very hard time when attempts were made at prospecting her to join Nu Skin. “As soon as I heard that a product comes from a multi-level marketing company or that a business opportunity has to do with direct selling, I immediately switched off,” said Vicky who holds a Bachelor degree of Science majoring in Chemistry from National University of Singapore (NUS). She went into the logistics line of work and moved on to help run her family’s renovation business. However, her busy schedule caused her health to deteriorate and she soon got cracking for solutions to restore her well-being.


“I am very thankful to my upline, Blue Diamond Executive, Lydia. Even though I wasn’t receptive in the beginning when she introduced TRA to me, she didn’t give up. But the skeptic in me continued to resist joining the business." Coming from a traditional business background, Vicky finds that achieving passive income through the simple sharing of a product is absurd. However, through the help of her team, she soon saw that with a proper system and the right motive in reaching out to others, Nu Skin can make this ‘absurdity’ into a reality.


“I was a difficult person to deal with and it took six levels of uplines to talk to me before I saw the potential. I was touched by the company's social responsibility of Force For Good culture during a Business Opportunity Meeting,” Vicky shared. Her family members objected to her joining Nu Skin but she turned their objections into the force that propelled her towards success to prove that her choice is right.


Apart from her family, Vicky had to deal with the sting of rejections. But yet again, she turned the negative into a positive and learnt patience through the challenges. “Although I am a cheerful person, I’m a pessimist at heart. But through learning from my leaders' example, now I’m more approachable, positive and more concerned about the well-being of others. Emotionally, I have definitely matured and grown much quicker over the last two years,” Vicky shared about the changes in her.


For taking the time to get through to her and sparking her success, Vicky would like to specially thank Blue Diamond Executive, Lydia Peh; Team Elite, Sam Wang; Team Elite, Jordan Wang and Chloe Soo; Team Elite, Carine Ong and Dr Tan Kia King; Team Elite, Joe Ong and Adeline Ng; Million Dollar Circle Member, Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; and 5 Million Dollar Circle Member, Jasmine Hew and S.G. Lim.