Teo Shelly & Teo Sheryl


“Believe is the beginning, persistence is the destination.”

Teo Shelly & Teo Sheryl

From hardcore sceptics to wholehearted believers, the success of Shelly and Sheryl hadn’t come easy as the duo fought many personal battles on their journey to believe in the business and themselves. However, once the sisters were truly convinced about the power of Nu Skin, their latent potential for greater things was unleashed and success came knocking!


A Masters Degree holder working as an Electronic Engineer in a MNC, Sheryl does not believe that working for people allows her to generate passive income. She was on the lookout for business opportunities when she found Nu Skin. An auditor with one of the big four accounting firms before joining Nu Skin in June 2009, Shelly was naturally inquisitive. “It is in my nature to question everything and be suspicious as an auditor. When my friend approached me about Nu Skin, I was very resistant to the concept of multi-level marketing.” However, after in-depth research, Shelly realised that Nu Skin business is the only long term solution which allows her to retire young.


“I started with TRA program and the products worked wonderfully and friends started to ask me about my weight loss. Unknowingly, I started to earn a Nu Skin income.” After six months, the auditor quit her lucrative career and went into the business full-time because she realised that it is more worthwhile for her to invest time in Nu Skin rather than auditing.


It was a decision fraught with perils but one with no regrets. Without any prior experience in direct sales, Shelly and Sheryl had to learn the ways of the business while at the same time, overcoming the bigger challenge of their competitive mindset. “Through Nu Skin, I’ve become a more caring person and it allows me to spend more time with my parents. My family members are more than happy with my transformation!” Shelly confessed candidly.  


For their achievements in Nu Skin, Shelly and Sheryl would like to thank their parent for their never ending support. We would also like to thank Denise Low and Zhang Yidan who introduce TRA Program to us. We are especially grateful to Blue Diamond Executive, Teng Siqi, for their persistence in sharing the Nu Skin business opportunity with us; and for believing in us so much that we started believing in ourselves, we are indebted to 1 Million Dollar Circle Member, Gavin Sim and Doris Lim and all the Million Dollar Circle Member uplines.” As Shelly and Sheryl move towards their next goal in the business, they hope to convert more sceptics like they used to be into believers of this incredible opportunity!