Tan Sin Wen & Tee Ee Voon


Executive Brand Director

“Have a strong understanding of WHY you want to be
in Nu Skin and constantly grow from goal to goal.”

Before joining Nu Skin, Sin Wen was a Quality Control Engineer while Ee Voon worked as a Senior Auditor. Both 28 years of age, the couple who met during their varsity days worked for four years until they were introduced to Nu Skin in 2010. And they lives were forever changed.


“We used to resist the idea of direct selling but after the TRA Program, our paradigm was totally shifted and transformed,” Sin Wen said. Evon lost an astounding 15 kilograms after using the product and spread the word to their families and friends. “When we were convinced about Nu Skin and recognized it as our sole business, we worked very hard and went all out to fulfill our dreams,” Evon added.


Their efforts paid off handsomely as within two years, Sin Wen and Evon qualified as Blue Diamond Executives. “Even though we are young and ‘willful’, Nu Skin provided an opportunity for us to mature and attain success. The business also helped us become better people and allowed our lives and that of our downlines to sparkle and shine!” the couple expressed gleefully.


Attributing their success to the philosophy of being givers rather than takers, the young leaders try their best to always give back to the people. “That’s because we see Nu Skin as a gift to us and we would like to share it with the people around us, to help them inherit this wonderful opportunity (传承).”


For helping them achieve growth and success, Sin Wen and Evon are very grateful to all Nu Skin staff; 10 Million Dollar Circle Member, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew; Million Dollar Circle Members, Ong Gee and Jenny Ding; Million Dollar Circle Member, 翁秀兰; Million Dollar Circle Member, 叶佛光 and许玉珠; Million Dollar Circle Member, 蔡思群 and叶玉珍; Million Dollar Circle Member, 杨智麟 and 颜国芳. “We would also like to specially thank Million Dollar Circle Member, 许丽凌, for her leadership and encouragements along the way, and the person would introduced us to Nu Skin, Lim Rhu Chin. Thank you!”