Tan Shih Han & Vincent Chan


“Cherish what you have but at the same time, continue and keep on fighting for what you want.”

Tan Shih Han & Vincent Chan

True success, as Shih Han and Vincent realised after joining Nu Skin, is not about how much money one earns but how many lives one has touched and made better as a result. “When I was in traditional employment, I thought a successful person must possess great abilities or many skill sets. Though Nu Skin, I understood that success is not just about ability, but habits. We like this business because it is about mentoring. Through learning from successful leaders, we’ve experienced tremendous personal growth and the business empowers us to help others grow too,” Shih Han and Vincent enthused.


Coming from a humble family, Shih Han believes that working very hard at her job is the only way to attain wealth. She was half right. In exchange for higher financial rewards, she sacrificed her health. Over the eight years as a Senior Auditor in one of the big four accounting firms, Shih Han’s busy schedule sunk her health until she was introduced to TRA by her ex-colleague, 1 Million Dollar Circle member, Gavin Sim.


Through TRA, Shih Han’s health and appearance improved tremendously. However, although she loves Nu Skin’s products very much, she did not join the business straightaway as she continued to believe that climbing up the corporate ladder was her ticket to success. Moreover, Vincent, a Regional Internal Auditor with a MNC and her partner, was very skeptical about multi-level marketing. But when he started using TRA himself and experienced the results, he became more receptive. A year later, the couple had a paradigm shift about direct sales after attending a global convention in the United States.


“We realized that the current platform cannot deliver the outcome we wanted, especially in achieving the freedom to spend quality time with our parents in our Malaysian hometown,” shared the leaders who are both in Nu Skin full-time now. “Companies often claim that people are their most important assets but in Nu Skin, that philosophy is truly demonstrated in the treatment and value it places on distributors.” Helping people to help themselves, Nu Skin has embraced this 'pay it forward' spirit through the products, compensation plan and company culture.


For their achievements in personal growth and becoming Blue Diamond Executives, Shih Han and Vincent are very grateful to all the eminent leaders who have guided them along the way. “As trained accounting professionals, we are both conservative and introverted. But Nu Skin has changed us and helped us reached our better selves. This is not a business about selling products, but transforming lives!”