Tan Mee Siew Lyn


"When you find meaning in what you do, you will be motivated to achieve your goals and be richly rewarded mentally and financially."

Tan Mee Siew Lyn

The desire to pursue her dream of retiring before 40 was what spurred Lyn Tan, 32, to join the Nu Skin business. The mother of two gave up a highly successful career as the Head of Research department with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore to join Nu Skin in February 2012. Lyn was at a point where the corporate rat race left her with very little time for her family. Nu Skin provided an attractive option for her where she could achieve time freedom.


She knows that the secret to happiness is freedom and the secret to freedom is courage. This bold move completely changed her life and she overcame many challenges within the short span of six months since joining the business. She transformed from a previously no-nonsense self into an outgoing person eager to share the goodness of Nu Skin with the people around her. Her decision was initially met with discouragement from family members who did not understand what she set out to do, but the satisfaction derived from changing people's mindset about the network marketing business model and helping to improve others' lives spurred her on. Lyn felt that she has accomplished so much more as compared to her previous corporate job. Furthermore, she is no longer stuck behind the office desk, and instead, able to spend more quality time with her family.


"I strongly encourage everyone to take a step back from their busy routine to search for their purpose in life. Here at Nu Skin, I get to make a difference in one's lives and pursue the immense business opportunities - it's a win-win situation!" Lyn shared. "The company's generous support for worthy causes through the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation is also something I am very proud to be associated with. I can magnify my efforts to help others, especially needy children around the world through the company." 


Qualifying as a Blue Diamond Executive, Lyn would like to thank  God for showering her with many amazing mentors in Nu Skin: 1 Million Dollar Circle Member Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; Team Elite, Joe Ong and Adeline Ng; Dr Tan and Carine Ong; Jordan  Wang and Chloe Soo. Lyn would like to thank them for their guidance and their relentless effort to walk this journey with her.  


Moving ahead, Lyn will continue to share Nu Skin with as many people as she can. She also looks forward to travelling around the world with her family when she retires!