Roziani Rashid & Mohd. Jasmani


Executive Brand Director

“A winner sees the possibilities amidst the difficulties,
while the loser sees the difficulties and gives up even
before starting the race.”

The Nu Skin journey started five years ago for 35 year-old former school teacher Roziani. She was seeking a supplementary income source to better provide for her three young children when her twin sister introduced her to Nu Skin. The business’ potential for a high passive income presented an attractive option while still affording her time to take care of her family. Roziani started off part-time in 2007 and attained tremendously positive results that she quit her job to go full-time just after two years.


The self-professed introvert who used to dread public speaking and talking to friends on the phone has since blossomed into a confident individual who is not shy to strike up conversations with anyone. “I strongly believe in the effectiveness of Nu Skin’s ageLOC anti-ageing products, and that makes me very passionate to share its goodness with as many people as I can,” said Roziani. “Some people may have their doubts at first and you will inevitably face some rejections along the way, but I will persist on because I believe in the products and more importantly - that I can achieve my dreams. Once people understand Nu Skin’s business model and its potential rewards, they will be more likely to come on board, and my role is to convey this message to them.” That mindset, along with the goal of providing the best resources for her three children, remains her main source of motivation. “My kids are very proud their mother is now a Blue Diamond Executive!”


Roziani remembers the people who have made her accomplishments possible – 1 Million Dollar Circle member, Lee Kah Seng & Lim Siang Joo; Blue Diamond Executive, Koh Yen Yen, Diamond Executive, Ang Wui Lee & Chan May Ling and Ruby Executive Rozana Rashid who have constantly guided her along the way. She is especially grateful to her husband of 12 years, Jasmani, for supporting her decision to join Nu Skin as well as her parents and in-laws who are always there to help take care of the children when she is away on business.


To Roziani, achieving Blue Diamond Executive status is not the endpoint but a beginning to more exciting things ahead. The status signifies her responsibility to lead her downlines to become equally successful brand ambassadors, hence she constantly strives to improve her communication and leadership skills so as to double her team. “Our founder Mr Blake Roney has always emphasized on sponsoring good people, and the core of the Nu Skin spirit is having a helping heart. I plan to do just that.”