Ning Na Theresia


Executive Brand Director

"Live life with vitality and
be my own best testimonial!"

Warm, witty and wise, a conversation with former Internet Radio producer Ning Na would fill one with all things nice. Her positive energy is balm for the spirit and her indomitable drive for achieving the unthinkable is inspiration given wings. Ning Na holds nothing back in sharing her fascinating life’s journey that brought her from China to Japan before settling down in Singapore – an incredible rite of passage that traced her evolution from being a rebellious runaway, to making achievements on the Nu Skin runway!


Born in Harbin, China, Ning Na is the youngest in the family. Her father, a military personnel, was a doting but strict disciplinarian whose regimented hold stoked the rebel in the strong-willed girl. After teaching in a university for eight years, Ning Na flew alone to Japan and to pursue higher studies without her parents’ knowledge. However, this decision left emotional scars that Ning Na carries to this day. "During my study in Japan, my sister passed on due to lupus. She was only 31 years-old. The following year, my father passed away suddenly at age 59. One of my brothers suffered a stroke, while my mother was also in a very bad state of health at that time." Ning Na recalled.


While she regretted not having more time with her family, their poor health triggered the alarm to pay more attention to hers. Encountering Nu Skin in 1994, Ning Na became a product user. She didn’t pursue the business opportunity because she had established a Japanese language school in Shanghai when she returned to China. “It was after I settled down in Singapore and experienced the incredible weight loss result of Pharmanex’s TRA that I considered going into the Nu Skin business. The final push came when my mentor triggered my thoughts about the future and the longevity of my media career,” recounted the vivacious leader.


Motivated by her life goals, Ning Na devoted herself to mastering the Nu Skin business through constant training and hard work. “I am busy but I have time flexibility now. I can choose to be there for my family when they need me. I've also gained so much through this business that my life is holistically enriched to discover my best self!


At 56 years young, Ning Na is more than ready for the new, exciting chapters ahead. She is immensely grateful to all her upline and downline leaders. "For without their help and support, I won't become what I am today," she said. Moving forward, Ning Na will do her best to help her business partners become rebels for a Force For Good cause!


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