Michelle Lim & Seow Kian Chye

Michelle Lim &
Seow Kian Chye

”Don’t think, just do it. Share with anyone, share with everyone.”

Michelle Lim & Seow Kian Chye

Ever heard of the saying "A blessing in disguise?" Well, for new Blue Diamond Executives, Michelle Lim and Seow Kian Chye, it took a nasty injury to Kian Chye's elbow to bring about a gratifying change in their lives. Sometimes the direst of situations can bring about the most unlikely opportunities. And Nu Skin has that versatility to provide success for everyone, in any circumstance.

Sustaining an elbow injury, Kian Chye a reservist was unable to work for close to two years. Undergoing three operations for it, the former IT Consultant who was receiving a five figure income before the injury "realized for the first time that crisis can come at any time and started looking for business opportunities." And the opportunity came when a classmate introduced the couple to Nu Skin. Having studied the sales compensation and business model, the couple realized this was what they were looking for… passive income and a perfect guard against financial uncertainty.

Shortly after Kian Chye started devoting time to the Nu Skin business, he left his job to go full-time and was joined by Michelle later when she left her accounting job. Even though their immediate families were not supportive of their decision, they believed in themselves and trusted the company. Today, their family members are their greatest supporters. "The happiest moment is when members of your own family see the value of the business. With their participation, we know that it could only mean an even closer relationship among us," the leaders shared.

"For the accomplishments we have achieved, we would like to thank all our uplines - 10 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 10 Years, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 8 Years, Henry Ho, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 5 Years, Michael San and Teresa Tan, Team Elite 1 Year Chua Chin Khee and also upline Chow Wai Weng, for all the things they taught us and the encouragement they gave us. We also want to thank our business partners who hear us out, believe in what we have to share with them and finally chose to become part of this one big, fantastic family. Last but not least, thank you to our sidelines and all the very supportive Nu Skin staff who were with us in our journey. It has been a pleasure having all of you with us!"