Michele Ho


Executive Brand Director

"It begins with a helping heart and sharing this hope that
I have received. Let us touch one person at a time - to help
them turn their hope into a reality; to regain self-confidence
and health while achieving financial freedom the Nu Skin way."

After eight years of failed attempts to lose post pregnancy weight, former banker Michele had all but lost confidence in costly slimming treatments and the hope of ever regaining her former svelte figure.  Michele’s self-esteem plummeted and her health started to suffer.  She was thus less than enthusiastic when her friend introduced her to Nu Skin’s TRA.


To spur her on, Michele’s husband waged a bet with her to see who would be able to lose more weight at the end of three months.  He would jog 7km daily while she went on the TRA programme.  The results were undeniable.  Michele had won the bet with a loss of 10kg and 7 inches off her waistline.  Her husband subsequently went on the TRA programme with equal success.  With the boost in their metabolic rates, they continued to lost weight even after the programme.


“I achieved more than just my dream of losing weight.  My health was back on track and my self-esteem was soared to new heights,” said Michele.  And it showed.  Friends, family and even acquaintances were enquiring about the noticeable difference in her.  As Michele shared about her experience, it was as if a whole new chapter in her life had opened up.  She found herself gaining immense satisfaction helping others in similar circumstances and giving them the opportunity to hope again.  It was then she decided to join Nu Skin in January 2012.


Nu Skin has given Michele an opportunity to embark on a journey of self actualisation, time and financial freedom. Beyond that, being able to help and work alongside her family and friends has made it more exciting. “Nu Skin is truly a ‘Difference Demonstrated’ company, reaching out to many with its suite of revolutionary products as well as touching lives through its charity programmes. Furthermore, its effective training and coaching programme has enabled me to grow as a person and make a difference to others.”


Since becoming a Blue Diamond Executive, Michele is working on something close to her heart – helping her downlines realise their dreams. She attributes her success to God and the support and encouragement of many people including Francis her husband; children Sonya and Ethan; and friends like Kelly and Lilian. Now she hopes to be an angel to other people’s lives just as God had sent angels to her.