May Khoo & Khoo Choon Poh


Executive Brand Director

“To start the journey with belief and complete it with persistence”

“To start the journey with belief and complete it with persistence. Having a strong belief and persistence till the end are the keys to success in the Nu Skin business.”encouraged May Khoo.


When a person choses to persist in what he/she believes in - helping a group of people or achieving a dream, more people will join the force to assist you to persist till the end.


“My sincere thanks go to my leaders and trainers for their encouragement and guidance. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and success stories with me, allowing us to be able to achieve our own milestone in life, proving that everyone can succeed in Nu Skin and achieve our dreams,” said May.


May would also like to thank her sponsor, Blue Diamond Executive, Faney Low & Cindy Tong for introducing this marvelous business opportunity to her. She thanked Soon Chen and Yi Ling for their patience, guidance and encourage. “Our own success is just a small step to a greater milestone – the success of our team,” said the newly promoted Blue Diamond Executive.


“Without any sales background and experiences, we were just common individuals who know nothing about networking. Even so, we were able to make it to achieving Blue Diamond Executive. This confirmed our decision in venturing into the Nu Skin business was a right choice,” said May.


The road to success is never crossed alone. “Through Nu Skin, we are able to become successful by helping others achieving their dreams. It is absolutely wonderful to be able to achieve success as a team!” motivated May.