Mary Tan

Mary Tan

"Success is Simple. Do what's right, the right way at the right time."

Nuglow International Pte Ltd - Mary Tan

Mary Tan a loyal and faithful worker who had been in the banking industry for 35 years - 22 years with a local bank and 13 years as the Regional Director of an International Banking Software Company. For her last 15 years of her career she was living out of a suitcase.

She was introduced to Nu Skin in 1993 by her very close friend in HK. She rejected her as Mary always believed that MLM was illegal.

In 1997, a drastic turn of events within the family led Mary to make a very important decision to change the path of her career. Within 9 months, her younger sister and uncle lost their lives to cancer. With a deep sense of realization, that her mother and 2nd sister too lost their lives to cancer, Mary knew that she had a high chance of losing her life to cancer as well. This was the moment that made Mary realize she had to cherish her life and abandon her stressful job in search for a better life.

She was then based in Hong Kong and Mary seriously studied the Nu Skin business, their products and marketing plan and was convinced that Nu Skin would be the right vehicle to provide her a better way to a better life. She started using both the personal care and nutrition supplements products, and within 2 months she had tremendous results both on her looks and health. Mary now has confidence that Nu Skin is a great opportunity to enable her to help others to obtain optimum health and fight chronic illnesses. She set her goal to pursue this business in 3 years time as Mary could not free herself from the projects that she had committed to deliver.

In December 2000, Mary's dream came true. Nu Skin was launched in Singapore. Mary then made the decisive move to quit her job and join Nu Skin full time.

Like any other achievements, the road to success was not smooth sailing. Her positive attitude and determination to succeed allowed her to quickly adapt to the challenge of changes in bulding her organization. One of the challenges that Mary encountered was rejections. Mary reckons that challenge is an advantage in the long run and helps in boosting personal growth. In this business, one meets all kinds of people and would almost certainly face rejections, however, if you do learn from the rejections and keep on improving yourself, rejection becomes a good learning ground.

To build this business quickly and successfully, it is important that one must work with successful and supportive uplines and find yourself a mentor. Mary is grateful to her mentor Janet Yao who had provided her the tools to duplicate and multiply her organization . Mary is also grateful to have a team of very coachable and supportive downlines. She added that the key to success is to have a caring and supportive team of uplines, downlines and sidelines who understand that the entire business is about teaching, duplication, sharing and being concerned about other people's success. In order to achieve your goals you must help others succeed only then will you be rewarded.

Being in this business has not only given Mary time freedom and financial freedom, it has also helped her emotional wellbeing. Learning from her challenges, making new friends and the thought of being able to help so many others is a vast difference from just plain financial success in the corporate world. In any road to success one would encounter obstruction and obstacles, however if one keeps at corners and dark alleys one would not improve. Besides, Nu Skin is a company with a "BIG HEART". They are in business to create a Force for Good throughout the world.

"I'm very proud to be part of Nu Skin. It gives me an opportunity to be part of the Force for Good," enthuses Mary.Mary likens building a Nu Skin business to piecing together a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Once you pick up a piece you have to search for the other 4999 to fit, if you can't find the right one to fit you just have to keep searching. But once you have completed about 100 pieces you will find that everything falls in place and success is within your grasp!