Mark Ng & Catherine Soh

Mark Ng & Catherine Soh

"Dare to dream big, choose your attitude, stay focus and be passionate. Enjoy the process and make others' day." - Catherine Soh

"Nu Skin is the business that can provide you with a beautiful life - a life that allows you to exchange part-time hours in the business for a full-time life you choose" - Mark Ng

Baca Valley International - Mark Ng & Catherine Soh

Catherine and Mark, both high fliers in their own professions, recognize a great opportunity when they see this. Catherine owns 40 preschool branches and Mark is the CEO of an international marketing company. Despite that both enjoy great success in their careers, they always have the desire to help others to succeed too.

In the exploratory stage, they realized that the business nature of Nu Skin is a win-win business and can help others to succeed. They decided to carry out careful research on the company, on the culture, financial status and the products of the company. What impressed them were the superior culture of 'Force for Good', efficient global seamless marketing plan and the diversity of high quality products of the company providing unlimited success opportunity for people who want to choose a life for themselves. Mark therefore encouraged Catherine to go for the business.

Initially, Catherine was not ready for the business as she enjoyed great success in her career. She decided to try the product first to see if it was effective. To her amazement, just after 2 weeks of using the products, she saw visible improvement and was thus convinced that Nu Skin was not only a great vehicle leading one to a beautiful life, but a true carrier of trust-worthy and effective products.

Catherine faced several challenges when she started, one of which was that many people were afraid of the business because it was fairly new in Singapore. Undaunted, she kept newspaper cuttings and reports to help overcome those fears. She believes 'knowledge is power' and it is important to constantly update and equip herself to prove company and product competence.

Catherine's biggest challenge is to help others to see that there's another option in life with Nu Skin. She feels that everyone has a dream in life. But most dare not seek their dream or feel that they are not worthy to have dreams. Her challenge lies in helping others to realize that they only have one life, and they can have a life with dreams being fulfilled by the first class vehicle - Nu Skin.

Catherine's key to success lies in her strong leadership, 100% commitment to her downlines, full support from Mark, her parents and her two boys, and most of all, a powerful system which was founded by her upline Blue Diamond Executive Persues Fong. She expressed her deepest gratification towards Blue Diamond Executives Perseus Fong, Marin Sit, Irene Kwok, Grace Chien, Amy Yip and Gary Lee who have been very supportive and work closely with her in developing both Singapore and Malaysia markets. She also attributes her success that God has blessed her with incredible downlines, in Singapore and Malaysia, who share the same vision and passion in the business.

Nu Skin has had some important character building role to play for the pair. Catherine explained that with the 100% believe in MLM and the company, she has learnt to be confident in herself, stay warm and cheerful to motivate her team. Never stop after rejection is her philosophy. To be a successful person, one has to adopt a 100% success attitude at any time. She firmly believes that this business provides an opportunity to mold one's character to be as strong as steel as the days go by. Armed with this passionate outlook, she and her team look forward to leading others onto the paths of success and achieving time and financial freedom.