Lynette Er Juok See & Chong Wah Kiat

Lynette Er & Chong Wah Kiat

“Belief is the beginning, persistence is the destination.”

Lynette Er Juok See & Chong Wah Kiat

“We are used to talking to machines, not people,” Wah Kiat said jokingly. He was recounting the biggest challenge he and Lynette faced when they embarked on their Nu Skin journey. “For almost 5 years, I was a Wafer Engineer and Lynette was an Engineer in the semi-conductor field before we started the Nu Skin business. It was a huge change for the both of us.”


From a technical line of work to a people-centric business, the switch was indeed a big one. This is a switch that many would wish, but few would risk. So what prompted the couple to make the move and achieve the prestigious Blue Diamond Executives status in an industry they have no experience in?


“In my opinion, the semi-conductor industry is a sunset industry in Singapore. There’s no job security. When the financial crisis happened, many of our colleagues were retrenched. It’s all very shaky and we cannot predict when our value to a company will expire,” Lynette shared. Job insecurity is a mounting problem that pervades the employment scene in today’s volatile economy. The Nu Skin business opportunity with minimal start-up capital and risk became an attractive alternative for the couple.


However, they faced another major problem. “Being engineers, we are used to look for problems and not opportunities. So when we were presented with the Nu Skin business opportunity, we couldn’t belief how easy it is. We couldn’t accept that the business is that simple!” Wah Kiat added. Having gone through a period of denying the business’ simplicity, the couple finally came to terms with it and made “keeping things simple” one of their guiding principles in the business.


For Lynette and Wah Kiat, believing in oneself and the uplines is an important step towards success. Then it takes persistence to get there. Helping them make a smooth transition from talking to machines to connecting with people, the newly recognized leaders are very grateful to Blue Diamond Executives, Ong Wei Qi and Derrick Wu; Blue Diamond Executives, Lim Siew Ting and Sinarman Salam; Blue Diamond Executives, Go Choon Seong and Kwang Lee Teng; Diamond Executive, Kwang Lee Choon; all their Million Dollar Circle uplines and Nu Skin staff. Moving forward, they will continue to work hard to share Nu Skin’s opportunity and products to help more people!