Lydia Peh


"Believe. Do it. Persevere."

Lydia Peh

Watching her ex-colleagues in their 30s getting retrenched and asked to leave, a warning siren went off in Lydia’s mind. The realisation of job insecurity struck home and that wakeup call motivated her to crawl out of the comfort zone to seek an alternative career or potentially suffer the fate of her colleagues. She was sitting on a ticking time bomb. Thankfully, she saw the employment pitfalls soon enough.


Before joining Nu Skin in 2009, Lydia was an administrator for many years. She was fresh to the multi-level marketing industry and had no dreams and no goals. However, her attendance of a Nu Skin Success Seminar in Malaysia turned out to be a pivotal point in her life. “One of the leaders said that if we want to dream, then dream big and make it happen. Else, there’s no point staying in Nu Skin,” Lydia recalled. That statement, while a jagged pill to swallow, ignited her desire to get serious with the business in September 2010.


“My leaders have been telling me to have a dream for a long time and along the time, patiently and consistently nurtured my mindset so that I was ready to receive that message during that US-based success seminar. Sometimes, not having breakthroughs in the business doesn’t mean we failed. Rather, it is a preparation for the spark that will start a fire,” Lydia shared. The leader had initially aimed only to qualify as an Emerald Executive but achieved Blue Diamond Executive status instead. Lydia is proof that Nu Skin has the uncanny ability to magnify modest dreams into big realities. That is the power of leveraging at work.


Lydia admitted that she is a closet introvert despite her bubbly personality. Talking to people does not come naturally to her and she prefers solitude over socialising. “Being in the Nu Skin business has a positive change on me. Although I’m still learning and growing, I’ve become a more confident person now and realised that everyone has the potential to do more than they think they can.” One of the biggest fears about the business used to be the dread of rejection. However, Lydia has overcome that and believes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


The newly minted leader vouches that she accomplished so much because she turned off her self-doubts and followed what her uplines said. Lydia is very grateful to her upline, Team Elite, Sam Wang; Team Elite, Jordan Wang and Chloe Soo; Team Elite, Carine Ong and Dr Tan Kia King; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member, Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; and 5 Million Dollar Circle Member, Jasmine Hew and S.G. Lim.