“Focus on your goal and you will no longer need to face challenges.”

With a heart sincere at helping and keen ears to listen to the needs of others around them, Wendy and Sunny succeeded in making other people’s business their business and earned the distinguished title of Blue Diamond executives. Joining the Nu Skin business in November 2011 through the innovative TRA weight management program, the couple was product users before turning business builders. But after experiencing the life transforming power of Nu Skin and its products first-hand, Wendy and Sunny were compelled to share the extraordinary opportunity with as many people as possible.


Before joining Nu Skin full-time, Sunny was a Business Development Manager with the world’s largest chemical company while Wendy used to be a Junior College schoolteacher. Neither of them had direct selling experience or knew much about skincare products and health supplements. However, that didn’t stop them. Through continuous learning and surrounding themselves with good mentors, the leaders broke free from the fear of the unknown to embracing spontaneous possibilities.


“Previously, we were just like many ordinary people who work nine-to-five from Monday to Friday. With Nu Skin, we are now in charge of our own time. We decide what we want to do and are able to spend time with our family whenever they need us without worrying about work piling up in the office,” Sunny shared. The 41-year-old places strong emphasis on goal setting for success. “We set and locked our goal to achieve Blue Diamond by June 2014 and accepted that there will be challenges. No matter what happened, we told ourselves to focus on our goal.”


In addition, Wendy disclosed that controlling one’s emotions is a key element in the success equation. “We truly believe that our emotions control how we react to challenges and the outcome. Through Nu Skin, we learnt to be more humble and be a go giver. We became more positive and have more patience in overcoming life’s obstacles. We are now driven by our dreams and are very excited with our future,” the 39-year-old mother of three enthused.


For their achievement thus far, Sunny and Wendy are especially grateful to their parents for their support. “We would also like to thank our uplines, Blue Diamond executives Dominic Tan and Yvonne Ng, who are always there for us; as well as 5 Million Dollar Circle members Nicholas Yeo and Gan Kok Hong’; Team Elite members Derrick Tia and Frann Ng; and all our downlines for their trust in us.” Moving on, the leaders have set their sights on qualifying as Team Elite members and helping more people change their lives for the better!