Koh Yen Yen

Koh Yen Yen

“When you believe you can, you can.”

Koh Yen Yen

Graduated with a degree in Pharmacy, Yen Yen spent most of her working years in a local retail pharmacy chain generating profits for the company through planning of sales and promotion strategy.

When she first came to know about the Nu Skin Enterprises business opportunity, she understood that it was a viable opportunity to build her own business channels. Unfortunately, her hectic schedule did not allow her to explore the opportunity further. It was only in end 2003 that Yen Yen finally encountered the chemistry that sparked her to join the business.

“The breakthrough point was when I turned 30, I realized that I needed to have a long-term life plan. So I started to ask myself if there was something that I could do and enjoy forever. So when Siang Joo and Kah Seng approached me again (for the second time), it dawned on me that this is not just a career opportunity, but the answer for a lifetime career.”

“I understood that by simply transferring the effort I have put into my job previously to the Nu Skin Enterprises business, the rewards would be much more fulfilling,” Yen Yen explained.

Yen Yen understood the significance of Pharmanex in this era of Wellness Revolution. “Pharmanex? 6S Quality Process and its science-based 'Measurable Difference' is a fact. Believing in the enormous business opportunity, I share with people on the best solutions towards a healthier, better life.”

The 21st century is the era of entrepreneurship and today, network marketing represents the best way to build your business and generate cashflow. And Nu Skin Enterprises, with such excellent products and a global market of more than 40 countries, is able to help you achieve this through its '5% 6 generations' sales compensation plan. A professional Network Marketer needs to understand how to sponsor 'good' people, thus creating a stronger network team. Only those with the right 'know how' will become the Winners!

“Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Wang K'uan Ming, 20 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 17 Years, for providing an environment that inculcates entrepreneurial values and the right 'know how', and helping everyone to excel in this industry through a simple, duplicable success model. I would also like to thank my upline, Blue Diamond Executive, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kah Seng, for their guidance and support. Their attitude and contribution in this business exemplify a must in becoming a leader.”