Kiwi Lim


"It is really critical to have your dream life in your mind so that you are constantly adjusting and designing your business in such a way to accomplish it."

Kiwi Lim

The entrepreneurial spirit in him was how Kiwi Lim got started with Nu Skin. The 53 year-old businessman was initially drawn to Nu Skin’s ageLOC R² nutritional supplement’s potential, and bought 50 sets just to try out. It sold out in no time and that got him seriously thinking – the promise of passive income and potential of exponential sales growth while being able to help friends around him look younger and healthier made him decide to wrap up his electrical industry business and join Nu Skin full-time in March 2011.


The initial period was trying for Kiwi – the low-profile man was not eloquent to start with. “The initial phase is just like any business venture I have been in – it is always not easy to start something new and you will face some rejection along the way. You need to have determination and persistence to go through this period. Nu Skin made it much easier because I have such an amazing product to share!” Kiwi shared.


Being able to achieve Blue Diamond status came as a pleasant surprise to Kiwi. “I wasn’t thinking about any recognition when I joined Nu Skin, I am just happy I am still able to make a difference in people’s lives at such a late stage in my life!” Kiwi laughed. Kiwi sees the recognition as a great accomplishment, and more certain that Nu Skin is a platform where anyone who is willing to work hard can achieve his/her dream lifestyle. He has also gotten his friends to join him in the business. The shy man now loves meeting people to share about ageLOC R². “I wish there are 24 more hours a day so that I can meet even more people!”


Kiwi is appreciative of this wonderful opportunity Nu Skin has given him. “It is because the product itself is so amazing, it almost sells by itself!” He also wants to thank the following people for helping him achieve this milestone in life: 1 Million Circle member Henry Ho; Team Elite Chua Chin Khee as well as Vince Seah and his wife.


So what is next for the affable father of four? He has his mind set on conquering the Vietnam market and spending more time to help his downlines establish themselves. He has also been invited to speak at public seminars – a far cry from the shy man that he was just a year ago. Nothing proves to be difficult for this man who has the entrepreneurial spirit running in his blood!