Kelly Ong

Kelly Ong

“Dare to dream, work to win.”

Kelly Ong

Imagine this. You are all alone in an apartment. It is located at some strange and unfamiliar place. In a foreign country. For two weeks. How would you feel?


Under normal circumstances, most people would be somewhat fearful staying in overseas alone. Then the boredom sets in. It takes a strong will to endure an overseas trip like this. But Kelly did it in order to support her downlines in Indonesia. On top of that, there was a period of time where her savings ran out from frequent commute between Singapore and Indonesia. Kelly took on a part-time job whenever she’s back to raise funds for her trips.


Her commitment and dedication to the Nu Skin business is unwavering. Today, her perseverance and hard work finally paid off as she reaches the height of Nu Skin distributorship and joins the top ranks as a Blue Diamond Executive. Hers is a hard fought success.


Prior to starting the Nu Skin business in 2005, the 52-year-old was in a cushy job as an Assistant Vice-President. “I was in the banking industry for 23 years. I drew a good pay and was extremely comfortable. When I tendered my resignation, my bosses and colleagues were all very shocked. But I needed a change because I wasn’t happy.” However, her teething stages with Nu Skin were harder still.


“I hated to do sales. I’m a very office-bound kind of person. And I never ever travel alone. Plus, I’m someone who’s terribly afraid of failure,” Kelly disclosed. “But through the exposure I received because of my Nu Skin business, I overcame many fears and became an explorer,” a stoic sense of accomplishment glowed in her voice. And the motivation behind her change was the integrity and responsibility to reciprocate the trust her downlines placed in her.


From being someone who’s afraid to fail to woman who dares to dream and explore, Kelly had come a long way. For that, she has many people to thank, especially Eka Shinta Santosa, her first downline in Indonesia who worked closely with her to build a network there. “I would also like to thank Million Dollar Circle member, Ong Gee; Million Dollar Circle member, Lillian Ong, 20 Million Dollar Circle member, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew; and all the sideline leaders who’ve given me immense inspiration, encouragements and support!”