KC Chiang & Koh Yie Choon

KC Chiang & Koh Yie Choon

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Choldale International - KC Chiang & Koh Yie Choon

KC Chiang can still vividly recall that day in 2002 when he saw some of his colleagues who he had worked closely with for a decade, being asked to go. Although he kept his job as a Senior IT Manager with ST Kinetics, that retrenchment came as a wake-up call after 13 years in the company. Realizing for the first time that there was no prospect in a corporate career, KC decided to start a business with an ice-cream franchise. However, the initial capital outlay of $180,000 was too great a risk to undertake, so that venture turned cold. But as the saying goes, when one window closes, another opens, and KC found all he wanted in the Nu Skin Enterprises business opportunity.

"My wife and I knew about Nu Skin Enterprises through her brother in 2001. Initially, we just bought the products to support him and we were also introduced to our Hong Kong upline, Perseus Fong. Even though Yie Choon and I were just product users, Perseus contacted us each time he visited Singapore and provided us with updates about the business. Having learnt how difficult it is to start and maintain a traditional business, we realized how easy it is to start the Nu Skin Enterprises business — the products are there, the capital needed is low, the market is international and success is duplicable, so I decided to try it in 2004," KC disclosed.

Looking back on his journey to Blue Diamond, KC is amazed by his personal development during the process. Acquiring much knowledge and leadership skills throughout that period, KC's greatest reward is to see that he can make a difference in someone's life, be able to help them and serve as a source of inspiration that everything is possible. "That is very heartening for me." And this is only the beginning of greater achievements to come.

"For securing a better future today, I would like to especially thank my brother-in-law, Koh Kim Ching who introduced and sponsored us into the business. We are also very grateful to our uplines, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 3 years Perseus Fong and Marin Sit, our downlines for their hard work and our sidelines, particularly Blue Diamond Executive Nancy Poh and Ong Hock Seng for creating a positive and giving environment for different sidelines to work together."