Jay Heng

Jay Heng

"Always be willing to learn and to be taught. Maintain a never-say-die attitude, and success will always be within reach."

Netbiz Systems - Jay Heng

Throughout his working life, Jay Heng had been searching for the right vehicle and an accelerated path to success. Having spent eight years in the Air Force, and another three in the IT industry, he realized that it was impossible to become wealthy while working for other people. But to start his own business would require large capital input and risk, as well as personal sacrifice - and none of these guarantee success.

It was at this point that the Nu Skin opportunity was introduced to him. Jay did his own research on multi-level marketing and realized that it was something he could do. One of the factors that convinced him was the reliability of the company: there was no other multi-level marketing company that could match Nu Skin's financial stability and its staying power. Jay also realized that through multi-level marketing, he could attain financial and time freedom via the power of leverage.

The beginning was tough for Jay. It was alien for an IT expert to delve into Nu Skin's beauty and health business. And while in traditional businesses, it's perfectly fine to sit behind the computer all day, network marketing is a business that requires strong people skills.

Jay realized that the only way to overcome these difficulties was to be coachable. He reveals that his mentor helped him tremendously by sharing his own experiences and in sharing Jay's problems. His mentor also helped him with solutions to problems, and most of all to knock down the psychological barriers that stood in the path of his success.

Motivation is essential in this business, shares Jay. His motivation was the fear of going back to slogging away behind a computer - that spurred him on whenever he faced any obstacles. To keep his downlines motivated, Jay constantly reminds them to remember reason they joined the business, and encourages them to think of the dreams and goals that will reward them for their hard work.

"The two weapons you need to succeed are confidence and perseverance. If you have these you can achieve anything," says Jay. "This business may be simple but it's also filled with ups and downs - you need the stomach to hang on for the roller coaster ride. And remember that to be successful in business, you must first be a student before you can be a leader."