Jacqueline Gwee Pei Fang


Executive Brand Director

“Your desire to succeed
must be greater than your fear of failure!”

Do well by doing good. Sounds simple? It is.


A nurse by training, Jacqueline started a business to provide mobile nursing services. It was then that she was introduced to Nu Skin by the angel of her life, Ms Koh Yen Yen. She recalled that previously, she attempted to build a Nu Skin business but quit just after 3 months while she was still working as a sale and marketing executive in a medical company.


This second time around, the 36-year-old ascended as one of Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s Executive Brand Director. So why did she succeed this time round where her first encounter with the business failed to sparkle? Jacqueline has discovered the essence, and here’s what it is…


“Understanding the business better this time round, I realized that to do well in Nu Skin is not just about being good at selling. It encompasses a lot of skill sets and to be first and foremost, a good person. I used to be someone who is self-centred but through the Nu Skin business, I’ve grown to become more aware about the needs of others and how to foster relationships,” Jacqueline recounted with honesty, her observable change in personality.


To evolve into a better person. That’s the first lesson she learnt of achiving in this business. The second lesson that she passed with a mark of blue is devoting time to do accord due diligence. A lot of people may think network marketing is easy to understand but difficult to workout. Jacqueline has realized that is it the other way around. It is very hard to appreciate but not that difficult to find fulfilment once you’ve learnt the know-how. “Just follow what is being taught and duplicate it exactly. The problem with a lot of people who did not see the potential of this business is that they kept themselves too busy to have time to even understand what Nu Skin is all about. ”


Jacqueline wouldn’t have learnt the way if not for her uplines and business partners. She would like to thank her wonderful uplines, COE I, Koh Yen Yen; and COE I, Lim Siang Joo and Lee Kah Seng, for their friendship and faith; and COE IV Mr and Mrs Wang Kuang Ming for their great leadership and wisdom in providing a positive environment for her to learn and grow to be an entrepreneur.


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.