Ie Siu Lian & Shi Song Jun


“Focus! Focus! Focus! Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.”

Ie Siu Lian & Shi Song Jun

Everybody loves a good neighbour. And the reason why Sugeng and Xintian started their Nu Skin journey just upped the ante of what it means to love your neighbour as yourself. Xintian joined Nu Skin on 31 July 2009 due to one of the company’s star products, Galvanic Spa. The couple’s neighbour and friend wanted to buy the revolutionary skincare system so they signed up with Nu Skin for the purchase. Sugeng and Xintian eventually became their neighbour’s sponsor into the company.


Married with three children ranging from 9 to 13 years old, Sugeng works as a Manager managing services pricing, proposal and bid with a US-based MNC while Xintian focuses on the Nu Skin business full-time. The husband-and-wife team is working towards time and financial freedom through this business to fulfil their dream of a better life with lots of time to spend with their family. This dream is also the fuel that drives their motivation to do their best and to succeed.


Yet, personal success and glory are not what they are after in the business. “We wanted to achieve Blue Diamond Executives status because attaining the title is a confirmation of our serious attitude towards this business. It also serves as a testament to our commitment to downlines for this is a people’s business. We become successful when we help others find success. The Blue Diamond Executive title symbolises our leadership’s focus on ‘service to others’ as its core,” Xintian shared. The couple’s next goal is to help more downlines become successful. “We want to create more star distributors, Ruby Executives, and higher. Our long-term goal is to create many Million Dollar Circle Members!”


However, they won’t be achieving that feat alone as teamwork and leverage is the quotient of success in Nu Skin. “In this business, the biggest problem is self-discipline. It is easier to procrastinate than to be disciplined so we rely on each other to inspire one another forward,” Sugeng said. In addition, humility and an earnestness to learn from everyone are paramount for growth in Nu Skin. The couple feel that they have matured more since joining Nu Skin and gone on an accelerated path to betterment in all aspects of their lives.


Sugeng and Xintian are very grateful to their upline Blue Diamond Executive, Ning Na, and all business partners for their support and hard work. The most invaluable lessons they’ve learnt are how to get connected with people and be genuinely concerned about their successes. “We want to be a good role model and walk the talk with our business partners to achieve their dreams!”