Griffin Consulting Pte Ltd

Valerie Cheah

"There is a time and tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune and merriment; omitted, all the journeys of their lives will be bound in shallows and in misery. "

Griffin Advisory Pte Ltd - Valerie Cheah

Considered by many to have built successful careers in their chosen professions, both PY and her business partner led comfortable lifestyles and could well afford to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Like many, there was no necessity to consider getting involved in multi-level marketing, particularly given the negative perceptions associated with it.

Their perception of multi-level marketing changed when another professional and an old friend - an established surgeon with a successful practice, introduced PY and her partner to the true concept and power of network marketing, Nu Skin What had initially appeared as a "scam" became, upon closer scrutiny, a business opportunity which has been described as the business vehicle of the new millennium. Compared to traditional businesses where only a mere handful successfully ascend the corporate ladder amidst corporate politics, or where people trade time for money for the duration of their working lives, or even to the extent where the business owns the owner, Nu Skin opportunity provides the serious entrepreneur with a viable avenue towards financial independence and freedom through leveraged income.

Although somewhat skeptical initially, the duo felt that it was only proper to be honorable skeptics - by trying their hands at the business to find out for themselves. Many of their friends were surprised that two professionals successful in their own careers would choose to "sell shampoo". Indeed, for PY and her partner, the challenge lay in getting their friends to understand and appreciate Nu Skin opportunity. They took ridicule and rejections in their stride, since after all the business is not for everyone. Those that saw the opportunity because partners, and those that did not at first joined later when they saw the achievements of PY and her partner - success speaks volumes, and begets success !

It was not easy juggling the demands of their own careers and of the business, but with determination, discipline, effective time-management and sacrifices largely in terms of sleep, PY and her partner achieved success and are confident that the sacrifices in the short term will be more than made up for eventually.

Nu Skin has indeed been a life changing experience for the duo. They have made many new friends, and learnt to sincerely care for and help them because only when their downline partners are successful will they be successful. PY is more excited by and obtains greater satisfaction from her downlines' successes than her own. They also attribute their success in the business to the wonderful upline support from their sponsors and leaders in the business. "We could not have come thus far without our team members' efforts and hard work too. We have also learnt much from our sidelines."

Armed with enthusiasm and faith in the company, the products of its various divisions and in themselves, PY and her partner are ever ready to share their conviction with others and help them attain their goals in the business. They both know there will be more challenges and lots of 'ups and downs', but they nevertheless look forward to many more years ahead and to expanding their business globally. With such strong convictions, one can be certain that this pair will realise their dreams of spending time at leisure with their loved ones and contributing to the community through volunteer work and Nu Skin's 'Nourish the Children' programme.

Their key to success is simply to be sincere, to stay focused, to believe in everything that they do and never give up.

"Entrepreneurship is not just about thinking out of the box, it is about surviving out of the box." - PY