Elizabeth Seow


"It’s not enough that we do our best; we have to succeed in doing what is necessary." (Sir Winston Churchill)

Elizabeth Seow

Elizabeth got into the Nu Skin business in March 2011 when she was seeking ways to help her mother lose weight. Seeing the effectiveness of TRA programme made her decide to join the business as the former teacher and real estate agency owner wanted to help others regain their health as Nu Skin did for her mother.


The mother of five initially received mixed reactions from the family but was undeterred since she understood the efficacy and safety of the products. Moreover, she saw it as an opportunity to impact people who were looking to improve their health and for some, a way to achieve financial freedom. Furthermore, establishing the business would enable her to provide a better lifestyle for her family. “I firmly believe that this is the right and best platform so I worked hard at it.  The thought of having more time with loved ones at any time and yet not having to worry about finances is certainly a key driving force. Most people can only dream of it.  My family is now experiencing some of that and we know that it will only get better.” Elizabeth said.


Elizabeth shared that personal testimony greatly helped them to win people’s trust. “When we experience the products ourselves we just need to share how we have benefited from it. Nu Skin has a powerful vision and continuously produces revolutionary products. It also enables people who would otherwise have neither financial means nor knowledge to be able own a business.”


Qualifying as a Blue Diamond Executive is a milestone that her family is very proud of. “It takes a lot of determination, perspiration and inspiration but it is well worth the effort. We had a very enjoyable time as well!” Nu Skin is a team business, and Elizabeth does not hesitate to point out the people who have played an important part in her success. “I am thankful for the guidance from my mentors, support from my team and the friendship of the people whom I have met. Most importantly, I am grateful for my family who is always here to cheer me on. ”


Elizabeth hopes to help as many people as possible to achieve their fair share of success. She is on a constant lookout for people who want to make a difference to their own lives and are not afraid to adopt a different platform from the traditional ones. “Everyone needs to take ownership of their own goals in life. I realise that people need help to get to where they want to be, and I am very happy to be part of that process with them.”