Eileen Kuah & Ken Wong


Executive Brand Director

“Die, die must make it!”

What does a high-speed, erratic rollercoaster may have in common with a leisurely vintage motorbike? Their differences may be great, but Eileen and Ken have managed to synthesize their opposite passions into power for the engines of a common dream. It isn’t easy to move out of a comfort zone. But with the realisation that there is a bigger purpose out there, it becomes more painful to stay the same.


A former personal assistant in a semi-government company, Eileen was very happy with her job and had no intention of leaving. “Even though my boss told me that room for progression in my position was very limited and all he could do was just help me secure a better bonus, I was contented to stay where I was,” the 30-year-old recounted. Without compelling reasons for a change, Eileen didn’t immediately hop on the Nu Skin opportunity when the business was introduced to her in 2016.


Beginning as a product user, Eileen went on the Nu Skin TR90 programme after being unsuccessful with other solutions for over a year since delivering her second child. “About a week into the programme, my body’s silhouette was noticeably slimmer. That really baffled my colleagues because they knew I was trying to lose weight but I continued to eat as I used to,” Eileen remembered fondly. In three months, the mother-of-two who loves amusement park thrill rides lost 7kg and 10cm off her waistline. Her successful weight loss prompted her to share the products and learn more about the Nu Skin business opportunity. Earning commissions while she’s learning, Eileen truly saw the potential of Nu Skin and decided to quit her previous job and go full-time into the business. All within six months.


“My decision to change wasn’t so much due to the income. Nu Skin expanded my horizon and I realised that there is so much more I can accomplish through this business and lead a meaningful life. It is beyond what a pay check could buy,” enthused Eileen. Similarly, having witnessed how the products and business have transformed many lives, Ken gave up running his traditional business and joined his wife a year later. An automobile aficionado and proud owner of a classic Vespa scooter, the 39-year-old cites Nu Skin as the passion that occupies all of him these days. “I can derive satisfaction from meticulously restoring and maintaining my Vespa. But spending that same amount of time on Nu Skin, I can help transform lives, thereby creating a greater, more profound impact and that is rewarding exponentially.”


Having arrived at the Blue Diamond checkpoint of their Nu Skin journey, the spousal team has Blue Diamond Executive Lee Si Qi to thank for introducing the business to them. They are also very grateful to Blue Diamond Executives Ron Ng & Eve Quek, all uplines, and their business partners for their support and help.

Raring forward, Eileen and Ken are turning up the gears to take more people with them on the ride to the top of the Nu Skin business!