Executive Brand Director

“When you stop learning, you will stop growing.”

Beginning as a product user in 2007, Dr. Taufiq was contented just to enjoy the skin care and health benefits provided by Nu Skin and Pharmanex. However, attending a Nu Skin conference in 2009 changed all that when he witnessed how someone his own age tapped into Nu Skin business opportunity not only to help others to look and feel their best with Nu Skin products, but also having the opportunity to focus on personal development and work on achieving even greater milestone in Nu Skin.


Inspired, the young doctor decided to take a closer look into Nu Skin as a business builder and after years of hard work, polished himself to shine as a Nu Skin Executive Brand Director.


Being a medical doctor, one may think it is easier for Dr Taufiq in the business as prospects are more open and trusting towards someone in a highly regarded profession. But that wasn’t the case. “The biggest obstacle was myself. I had to let go of the ego of being a doctor and to start selling products and business opportunity. When you try to sell people things, they become guarded no matter what’s your background,” Dr Taufiq shared. On top of rejection, he also had to deal with learning everything about the business and products from scratch. Thankfully, with guidance from his uplines and his own persistence, he rose above the challenges.


“One of the biggest misconceptions people have about direct selling is that it is a sales job for non-professionals. In Nu Skin, I join the many professionals such as doctors, accountants, engineers and CEOs in sending the message that this business is for everybody who wishes to transform their lives.” The motivation behind Dr. Taufiq’s career transformation is to provide a better life for himself and his family. “As a General Practitioner (GP), I was earning a good income but my health suffered because of long irregular hours and being at the forefront of infectious diseases constantly. I may make a lot of money but I don't have the time and good health to enjoy it.”


Dr. Taufiq is glad he persisted in the business. “Qualifying for Executive Brand Director wasn’t easy. I made several attempts to qualify but didn’t make it. The good thing about the Nu Skin business is that even if you fail the first time, you can always learn and try again. It is important to remain steadfast and never, ever give up!”


Helping him on his Nu Skin journey so far, Dr. Taufiq is very grateful to his elder sisters and uplines Rozana; Executive Brand Director Roziani; Executive Brand Director Ang Wui Lee and Chan May Ling; Executive Brand Director Koh Yen Yen; and Circle of Excellence I Lim Siang Joo. The new leader hopes to help more of his downlines to be a Force for Good and help more people to discover their best selves.


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.