Dr Lam Ying Keat


Executive Brand Director

"Everything that we do, we must align it with our
basic values of honesty, integrity and love."

Already a successful dentist-entrepreneur who owns three clinics island-wide with 12 dental specialists working for her, Dr Lam Ying Keat had little or no motivation to join Nu Skin. But she did. And the reasons behind her radical decision hold that bite of reality that serves as a magnifying glass for professionals and entrepreneurs to reexamine the sustainability of their successes.


Ying Keat’s introduction to Nu Skin was coincidence at its best. Helping out as a locum for a friend’s dental practice, Ying Keat was about to close for the day when Qiao Ya, an ex-Olympic gymnast from China stepped into the clinic with a toothache. As a professional athlete, the gymnast pays keen attention to her health and supplements with Pharmanex’s products. During the course of Qiao Ya’s treatments, Ying Keat got to know about Nu Skin and it came at an opportune time because the dentist was looking for an alternative business opportunity.


“Running the dental group for more than a decade, I realised that I’m selling all my time for money. I cannot go on a holiday with a peace of mind, and I always have to be at the clinics to manage operations. Apart from the long working hours, I’m also worried what would happen if I were to break a finger?” Ying Keat shared of the concerns and reasons that motivated her to explore Nu Skin’s business opportunity. She went into dentistry so that she can help people but that career path was chewing up the quality of her life.


When Ying Keat started her first steps into Nu Skin, she had neither experience nor know-how but she had a good feeling about the company and what it does. “I had to learn everything from scratch. For me, and I believe for many new distributors, the biggest challenges in the business were not understanding the products, the business model or dealing with rejections but conquering personal ego. We have to learn humility and teamwork. The business is not about our individual self but working together and leveraging on the talents and reach of each member in the whole team,” the insightful leader shared.


Although the switch from a traditional business mindset to embrace an opportunity of the future had its teething issues, Ying Keat is very grateful to all her uplines and business partners for helping her find nu success. “I feel more responsibility to work even harder for the team as a Blue Diamond Executive and want to help more partners succeed. I believe the Nu Skin opportunity is the best life choice that anyone can make!”