“Helping others is the key to happiness.  Nu Skin equals happiness.”

Leading separate lives due to overseas job placements, Dominic and Yvonne longed to be united and lead a normal family life. This desire propelled Dominic to seek out a business opportunity so that he could “redeem” his wife who was based in Shanghai while he in Singapore. Fortunately, the opportunity came knocking when Dominic’s friend introduced him to Nu Skin. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested in direct selling as the prospect of becoming a salesman didn’t appeal to him. But after careful research and learning more about Nu Skin as a business of helping people transform their lives, the critic became a believer.


“Life was pretty good back then,” recounted the former Business Manager with one of the world’s largest chemical company. “My job pays me well but being an employee, my time wasn’t my own. I was busy all the time solving other people’s problems and I wanted to put a halt to my busy schedule to have more time for my family,” Domnic shared. The couple has a daughter and the whole family only got together once a month as Yvonne was working outstation. “I wanted to ‘buy back’ my wife and Nu Skin provided this opportunity for us to work together.” With a clearer understanding of the company, its products and incredible potential, the couple joined Nu Skin in September 2011 and began their life changing journey.


Starting out in a strange business where neither of them had any background nor experience in was daunting but the determined couple was undeterred. “Life is always full of challenges and changing circumstances. Whether I’m in full-time employment or Nu Skin, I will face problems. But with a clear goal in mind, what you want to achieve ultimately becomes greater than the setbacks along the way. Challenges are what make life exciting!” Yvonne shared. In her opinion, continuous learning and having a positive attitude are vital to grow and stay motivated in this business.


“Achieving Blue Diamond is an amazing feeling, especially being able to walk down the red carpet with my love ones. The relationships within my family improved greatly and we’ve become much happier. On top of that, I’ve also become a better person through the BD qualification process,” confessed Dominic. The 42-year-old feels that he has grown to be more patient and thoughtful as a result of being in a business where one’s success is measured by the number of people they have helped become successful. To the budding leaders, “Success is about having the freedom to experience life as we want it; without pressure, with love, passion and true happiness in all that we do!”