Daya Ng


Executive Brand Director

“You have to cheer for other people’s accomplishments
before others will applaud yours.”

One sure step at a time. That’s how Daya stealthily carved out her business with Nu Skin. However, Daya’s measure of success is defined not in personal glory, but reflects from the triumphs of each and every one of her customers and business partners. “I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I see my customers conquering their skin or health problems because of the Nu Skin and Pharmanex products I recommended. And with my business partners, I am reaffirmed of my purpose when I see them becoming their better selves through leveraged income and time flexibility,” Daya gushed.

A former beautician by profession, Daya has always dreamt of having her own chain of beauty parlors distributed all over Singapore. With much struggles and difficulties, she finally opened her first salon. But after 19 years of sweat and toil, the business did not take off. Thankfully, that’s when she encountered Nu Skin. Her attitude towards success spurred her to attend every Success Seminar that Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore has ever held. “Even if I’m going alone, I would attend the Success Seminars to clap for those leaders who have made it. And I would feel encouraged that one day, I’m going to be there,” said Daya. This conviction is mirrored in her tireless efforts to help her business partners, for she believes that when her downlines are accomplished, her own achievements will come naturally.

In Daya’s view, the basic in Nu Skin is a desire to learn continuously, a willingness to change and the spirit for enterprise. “People fail mainly because of four factors – fear, laziness, ignorance and bad habits,” explained this lady who has not even passed primary education. Daya recounted that despite understanding and speaking very little English, the language barrier has never stopped her from approaching Malay prospects; neither has it prevented her from accompanying her downlines through English business and product presentations from start, to finish.

“Most people are afraid thus, they resist new ideas. One must have an open mind and be prepared to change.” Daya shared. Some of the people Daya approached thought that one must have very good complexion or high educational qualifications to succeed in Nu Skin. “Well, look at me. I didn’t study much and my complexion is what it is today all because of Nu Skin products. Yet, I am still an entreprenuer leveraging the Nu Skin business. So what’s stopping you?”

Daya feels that everyone has an equal opportunity in Nu Skin and failure is not in the business, but that one has given up on it or does not even dare to try. Daya took 3 years to become a Blue Diamond and her advice is, “Never give up and victory would be within reach. Successful people look for opportunities, losers look for excuses. Who do you want to be?”

One of the greatest draws of Nu Skin for Daya is its emphasis on being a Force For Good throughout the world. She believes that through Nu Skin, she’s offering an unprecedented and unparalleled mix of health, beauty, money, and charity. A charitable heart is also what gave Daya the energy to serve and assist in many of Nu Skin Singapore’s product expos, special events and promotions. But to her, helping out in these events gives her the best opportunities to learn and upgrade her knowledge about products and business.

Looking back at the footprints she had left in her Nu Skin journey, Daya would like to specially thank to her uplines, Kuhn Paisith and Kuhn Tom, for their advice and guidance. She is also ever grateful to her loyal group of product users who had always given her their support; her business partners whom had broaden her horizons; her friends and her family. Do not wait for miracles to happen. Be the miracle!


Not all Brand Affiliates succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  For more information about the Sales Performance Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market.