“If we can do it, so can you!”

Coming from a very humble family background, Elvis couldn’t further his education with a postgraduate degree after attaining a Diploma in Business Studies due to a lack of funds. Through that, the young Malaysian had a heartfelt understanding of the importance of money as an enabler of freedom in life to do whatever one desires. His pursuit to improve his household finances led him to work in Singapore due to the exchange rate difference. However, having a cross-border job meant long hours commuting to work as he continues to live in Johor Bahru. But Elvis is undaunted by the hassle as he is driven to provide a better future for his family.


His hard work and diligence paid off. Elvis was quickly promoted as a Senior Manager in the logistics company he worked for by the age of 26. Prospects were looking good for his career but Elvis did the unimaginable... he resigned and went full-time into the Nu Skin business.


“When my wife, Josephine and I were introduced to TRA in December 2012, we were purely product users and not interested at all in direct selling. After taking TRA, we slimmed down and friends started asking us about what we did and without really planning to do it as a business, we shared about TRA and started to receive commission,” Elvis said in retrospect about the beginning of their Nu Skin journey. “So I started to be more serious about the business on a part-time basis while Josephine was more committed. She was heavily pregnant at that time but she persevered; carrying a big tummy, products and all between Singapore and JB to meet prospects and build the business. She is truly remarkable and I was inspired by her determination,” the 28-year-old added with deep sense of appreciation for his wife.


Although Josephine was a salesperson with a hair salon, the couple had very little knowledge about beauty and health care products. “When we started, we had zero experience in direct selling and little product knowledge. We’ve been approached to sell other direct selling products before but we weren’t interested to recommend things where results are hard to observe. But we’ve used TRA, experienced visible improvements in our weight and slimming has huge market potential so Nu Skin is our choice,” Elvis shared.


Once the husband-and-wife team decided on Nu Skin, they held back no effort in learning all there is about the products, compensation plan and company culture. Starting with nothing in the business to achieving Blue Diamond status, if Elvis and Josephine can do it, so can anyone!