Chan Bao Yan & Alan Tan


“Dare to dream and dare to change. Lock your goals and stay focused!”

Chan Bao Yan & Alan Tan

A Wealth Planning Specialist with one of the top private banks in Singapore, Bao Yan started her journey with Nu Skin in December 2010. After nine months in the business, she resigned from her well-paying job and went full-time. Her bold move was fuelled by her desire to spend more time with her two young boys. “With the birth of my first child, I was on the search for an opportunity that would grant me time freedom and break the daily cycle of being chained to a banking work desk for long hours,” Bao Yan disclosed. The devoted mother and leader had since grown her Nu Skin network that has business builders straddling Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


“Many people do not believe that there is a better option apart from employment and they do not believe that they can succeed in Nu Skin. A lot of people want to have a better quality of life but often, they are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. I used to be in that corporate trap too,” Bao Yan shared. “But the truth is, employment is not a long-term solution, especially in banking. The chance of being retrenched is directly proportional to your age. There is no such thing as an ‘iron rice bowl’ in the employment market anymore. On the contrary, it is the most unsecured as it is beyond our control.”


She considers herself to be lucky to be introduced to Nu Skin and a way out of the rat race. The business has given Bao Yan a lot of opportunity to unleash the hidden potential within and she is able to experience success in all dimensions of her life. “I am the master of my own time now and I hope to change the perception people have of the multi-level marketing trade. Nu Skin is a gem and a special gift which can empower people with good health and wealth not only for ourselves, but others as well!”


Bao Yan is extremely excited about embarking on the journey as a Blue Diamond Executive as this is one of the major milestones in Nu Skin. She vouches to constantly learn and upgrade herself so that she can uplift the standards of the industry and attract good people into the business. “I am extremely thankful to all the leaders who have helped me along the way and I resolve to lead by example. I believe that everyone can benefit from time and financial freedom regardless of their level of success right now.” The best is yet to come!