Bridgette Chan

Bridgette Chan

“A man without a purpose is like a ship without rudder”

Bridgette Chan

Bridgette’s success has proven two things: 1) MLM industry in Singapore has reached its saturation point is a myth, and 2) sheer determination and hard work can accomplish great things.


By most standards, the first year of any endeavor is considered at its teething infancy. And Bridgette’s rise to leadership is not by chance, but a carefully charted course towards success. Operating her retailing business while building her Nu Skin Enterprises future, Bridgette puts aside two hours every day during lunch to work on Nu Skin Enterprises. When she ended her work day at 6pm, she would start meeting her prospects. This ex-SIA stewardess stressed that success cannot be approached half-heartedly.


Bridgette placed her faith in Nu Skin Enterprises when she saw how her ex-colleague, Blue Diamond Executive, Linda Ng, had multiplied her income exponentially within two years of taking up the business opportunity.


“Let’s just say I had seen how Linda was like before. And I was really impressed with what she could achieve with the business after two years. So, I was really convinced about the business model.”


The other reason she took up the business was too fulfill her dream of sponsoring an animal shelter farm for strays and abandoned pets. By building her business profitability, this dog lover believes that this opportunity will not only give her the financial power to realize her dream, but also allows her time to spend with her beloved creatures.


Like a fearless seed that chose to ground its roots and sprout upwards, Bridgette’s success is a testament to the limitless potential of the Nu Skin Enterprises opportunity. The most important thing is not to let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do!