Angelinia Ng


Executive Brand Director

“Success is connected to action. Keep moving
and never give up!”

It has always been former Senior Pharmacist, Angelinia Ng’s lifelong wish to help people and save lives. While she enjoyed her work at a local hospital, her family commitments started to get heavier especially after getting married – she also much wanted to give her parents a better lifestyle, to bring them on luxurious trips and experience delicious cuisine. Being a staunch proponent of Robert Kiyosaki, she recognized the fact that she would never get rich working for others. She had to find a way to enter the B-quadrant of the truly wealthy – people with an abundance of money, health and time. The lack of capital and experience to set up her own business naturally made Nu Skin a feasible option.


After joining Nu Skin, she was happy to learn that the company has a sound philosophy and caring work culture. After all, the desire to help people’s lives is exactly the reason why Angelinia chose to work in the healthcare industry. “Nu Skin’s direct selling business model rewards those who are willing to work hard to help more people improve their lives and they get rewarded more in return,” Angelinia shared. She attests to Nu Skin’s founder Blake Roney’s principle of “sponsoring good honest people” where good people help more good people, in the way that everyone becomes a Force For Good.  She feels fortunate to be part of this organization and being able to improve her life financially and mentally – she is moving into the B-quadrant! Angelinia also finds fulfillment in being able to continue to spread this goodness with others.


“Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar says you can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough people what they want. Nu Skin is such a business. You help people realise their dreams and you will realise your own dreams along the way too. Attaining the Blue Diamond Executive status is testimony to that, and it is a beginning for me to help more business partners to grow their dreams and help new people to join this great company. I am thankful that I have not chosen a wrong partner to work with!” said Angelinia.


Angelinia is thankful for the uplines mentors for her success today. She would like to thank 20 Million Dollar Circle member, Mr and Mrs Wang Kuan Ming for their inspiration; 1 Million Dollar Circle member, Lim Siang Joo and Lee Kah Seng for their leadership; Blue Diamond Executive, Koh Yen Yen for her patience and guidance especially during Angelinia’s qualification, and Blue Diamond Executive, Ang Wui Lee and Chan May Ling for their support and care.