Ang Wui Lee & Chan May Ling


Executive Brand Director

“Everything starts with a thought. Trick your mind to
think it’s easy, and it will be.”

From colleagues to Nu Skin business partners, the pairing of Wui Lee and May Ling couldn’t have come at greater odds – one is an outspoken taskmistress while the other prefers solitude to the point of being socially adverse. However, their qualification as Blue Diamond Executives is proof that their differences are their greatest strength and how the Nu Skin opportunity has room to nurture opposites into a successful partnership.


Wui Lee and May Ling began their Nu Skin journey when they were approached by their ex-colleague, Blue Diamond Executive, Koh Yen Yen, at the end of 2005. “We were both Pharmacists working at the same pharmacy chain when Yen Yen shared the opportunity with us. We did not join immediately as May Ling had her doubts, like most people, when they first heard about Multi-level-marketing. I was interested but didn’t want to go into something without finding out more. I took a month to research on Nu Skin and was convinced that it was legitimate before joining,” shared Wui Lee. A few months later, Wui Lee resigned from her Senior Manager position and went full-time into the business. May Ling joined when the commission from Nu Skin matched her employment wage.


With their pharmaceutical background, it was easy for the duo to understand how Nu Skin and Pharmanex products work. Sometimes, this became a disadvantage. “My problem was knowing too much of the science behind the products and sharing it with our customers to the point that it got too technical for their appreciation,” Wui Lee confessed. In addition, being in a management position in her former career, her task-driven nature lacked empathy for other’s feelings.


“Missing that human touch was my biggest challenge in the business,” Wui Lee said. “But through Nu Skin, I’ve changed and learnt to be more sensitive to people’s feelings. The business brought on more personal growth than May Ling and myself have ever experienced throughout our working lives.” While Wui Lee improved her emotional quotient, May Ling conquered her introverted personality and became more outspoken and socially confident. “We are constantly learning and growing with the business and it gets easier. Being Blue Diamond Executives, we definitely feel a heavier responsibility to lead the team and to set good examples,” May Ling added.


For their success, Wui Lee and May Ling are very grateful to Blue Diamond Executive, Koh Yen Yen; 1 Million Dollar Circle members, Lim Siang Joo and Lee Kah Seng; and 20 Million Dollar Circle members, Mr and Mrs Wang Kwan Ming for their guidance and support; and all their business partners for their trust and belief in them.