Sharon Loh & Patrick Wong


Executive Brand Director

"Success is a choice.”

When Sharon and Patrick decided to take on Nu Skin business opportunity, what attracted them were the benefits, but the thing that truly made them stay were the people, company spirit & corporate culture. Former Director of Research first encountered Nu Skin in 2011 when he took on the TRA 90 days’ transformation challenge. He emerged from the challenge 16kg lighter, also improving his asthmatic condition and high blood pressure. When he learnt more about Nu Skin’s Force For Good, Patrick know instantly that he want to be a part of it.


An ex-Senior Accountant with one of the big four accounting firms, the highly adaptable mother of two gave up her career to become a housewife to care for their children. After her children grew up, Sharon ventured into childhood education before arriving at the crossroad of choosing between taking on an offer to be the principal of a children’s school or join Nu Skin as a distributor.


 “Because I was a housewife, I had not much of a network. Patrick, as he was an extreme introvert, plus his job didn’t require him to socialise, had no network to tap into either,” recalled Sharon. However, she saw the limitless potential of Nu Skin as an instrument for positive change and made up her mind to join the direct-seller. The husband-and-wife team started building their Nu Skin business from ground zero.


“We had no network and no experience. In fact, we only knew two people in our group of direct downlines when we first started. So this shows that having a huge pool of warm prospects is not a pre-requisite for success in this business,” Patrick said. However, the teething issues in the beginning didn’t stop there. “We also faced a lot of rejection and our families objected strongly to the idea of direct-selling. But Sharon and I made a choice to succeed and went all out to achieve it!” Their success went beyond clinching the Blue Diamond title.  They experienced profound personal growth; Patrick shed his wallflower nature and became a friendly guy who no longer shunned talking to strangers.


Achieving Blue Diamond is a major milestone for the leaders and they are very grateful to Million Dollar Circle Lee Keem Shiong & Loh Fong Yee for their close guidance. They would also like to thank their parents who supported them quietly even if they did not agree to the couple’s decision. Sharon and Patrick a firm believers in the Force For Good philosophy and looks forward to excelling in this business with their downlines so that they can contribute more, financially, to help save lives!